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The Dark Mother is Rising

A friend messaged me this morning and asked my views on an article he had read about the influence of the dark mother and the state of our country. I read it and said YES YES YES.

The Dark Mother, Kali, the Black Madonna is a force I know all too well. I encountered her in all her glory when I was in my early thirties. Not only did she tear away at my nice girl persona, but also every illusion, every part of me that was a product of being a daughter of the patriarch.

She tore me apart as I became her. Before I knew of Her, my husband, who I had just met, said something to me that I didn't like and I drew a picture of what I now know as Kali. It was a picture of a naked woman holding a skull in one hand and a sword in another. I sent it to him not fully understanding the stance I was taking in our relationship. Only later did I realize that I was going to tear away at everything that stood in the way of true connection, dis-empowerment, religious bullshit, patriarchal control and a domesticated mindset.

Because of the Dark Mother, I got turned inside out. I had no choice but to descend into the realm of feeling. I felt everything - rejection, betrayal, death, victimhood, shame, remorse, loss, anger, no, I mean rage. I fell through the gates of hell, one right after another and like Ereshkigal did to her sister Inanna, was hung on a meat hook to die.

If there is one thing that I know from this experience is that when the Dark Mother force comes into our lives as she is at this very moment, working her magic in our country as a whole, is SURRENDER. Surrender to the feelings. This does not mean to give up, and it definitely does not mean to give over your power. But instead to surrender to your own feeling state. Let out your anger, shed your tears, sob with despair BUT DON'T SHOVE IT ALL DOWN AND SMILE YOUR WAY THROUGH THIS clinging to the nice girl or the nice boy persona. It's not going to work. She is a tidal wave that is breaking our country apart. It's like the compost pile. Everything that is old, that no longer serves growth, is getting broken down, decomposed so that there can be new life, new beginnings built on a much deeper, more rooted, truthful, foundation.

This is a powerful initiation and one that most people will turn away from over and over again. But you will never be able to create a passionate and meaningful life with out going through this descent. You will never truly know yourself.

Yes, there is reasonable fear that when the Dark Mother comes in that we'll lose all control and in our country, with our president elect, it's a very real fear. But in your personal life I can say yes, you will at times lose all control. This is part of the process, letting go.

So I'm saying trust this process and ride the wave of whatever that looks for you personally. Seize every opportunity to feel and speak your mind knowing that this is the unlocking of YOU. It's really not about the other person. Stop blaming - it only delays the process and prevents you from freeing the AMAZING, INCREDIBLE AND POWERFUL PERSON YOU ARE.

So today, I'm thankful for the Dark Mother and her powerful energy that is about transformation, rootedness, truthfulness. And I'm thankful for my amazing family that went through this descent with me and loved me through it.

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