The Grail…
A symbol that is as old as the beginning of time.

It is the womb, the cup, the cauldron, the earth and our own bodies.

One who seeks the Grail,

seeks the highest form of themselves.

It is a vessel that contains the purest qualities and

power of life.

It enlightens, it renews, it transforms.

It is the Cup of Life.


The Grail School offers training, mentoring and community for those on the path of seeking

their greatest expression of Self and universal truth, while

guiding humanity towards their greatest potential.

The Grail School Offerings

The Sacred Journey

a grail immersion

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Enter the place of the heart, the Isle of Iona, where time stands still and begin a journey following the path of the Dragon Bloodline as we weave through the mists of the inner and outer Hebrides, the awe-inspiring Scottish Highlands and the Rosslyn Chapel where the mysteries are told in the stained glass windows.
Retreats in Nature
a grail healing
Online Programs
a grail training
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Sacred Oil Class

Starting June 17th, 2020

Breathe Easy, Rest Deeply, Seek Truth.  Enter into sacred space and discover the Divine spirit of nature.  Trista offers private, one-on-one retreats and gatherings at her magical home and sacred grail land in Upstate New York.
NEW!  Sacred Oils, The Path of the Myrrhophore
A door into the mysteries is being opened for you through Trista's online classes and trainings.  Through weekly classes, meditations and exercises, you will deepen your awareness of self and unveil truths hidden within your own DNA.  Click below for the Sacred Oil class!

Why a Sacred Journey?

Today's scientists and archeologists are now beginning to discover the traces of superior races who came to earth and established centers of light and power thousands and thousands of years ago.  This light and power has been imprisoned, held hostage for eons.  Joining Trista on a sacred journey is a process of remembering who you are beyond this time and space as we walk through the landscape of our ancient ancestors.  It's an acceleration of consciousness that frees this power and light both within YOU and within the earth.  This is the great awakening that will lead humanity to the abundant beauty of a life that we are destined to experience on earth. 


Say YES to a journey that will lead you into your ancient well of wisdom.

It was late, and the night air was cold and damp.  Only the light from the moon shown as our small group made our way up the hill.  We were visiting a stone circle in the British Isles.  I walked alone into the center of the circle and laid down on my belly.  The earthy smell of peat from the bog nearby clung to my senses like a strong perfume.  My stomach began to feel uneasy, when suddenly,without warning, deep sobs of grief released like a broken dam.  I was remembering my roots anchored in the goddess traditions and the pain of loss.  My tears spilled forth onto the windswept ground. I knew I had no choice but to reclaim this part of myself, and the changes in my life that were to come as a result, were many.     Excerpt from Trista's book, When the Dark Mother Calls

Trista Haggerty

Trista Haggerty has spent the past 30 years traveling to sacred sites and studying at the ancient mystery schools through out South America, Europe and the Middle East.  She has a vast knowledge and experience of initiation, guiding people to becoming whole, Divine humans and light leaders for change.  Her vision is to train the next generation of leaders and priestesses insuring their alignment with humanity's greater purpose.


Gnothi Seauton

Photo by Lisa Marie Porter

You are a seeker...a Grail seeker. You have an inner calling

you can't ignore...

  • You believe you have a role in creating a better world.

  • You have a strong inner compass that seeks heaven on earth.

  • You feel you're part of an ancient lineage.

  • You are a truth seeker.

  • You believe the world is a magical place.

Welcome Home

"To encounter the mystical Grail of myth is to be healed.
To serve the living Grail is to bless.

To become the Grail is to give birth to a new heaven and a new earth and a new you."


The Knight of Fiery Hope via Jeremy Berg

The Grail Library

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Heart Meditations

Reclaiming the Courts of Joy 


Join me in Mystical Scotland!

Rosslyn       Iona       Skye       Lewis

Fall of 2020




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