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The Living Grail

School for the healing & magical arts

"To encounter the mystical Grail of myth is to be healed.
To serve the living Grail is to bless.

To become the Grail is to give birth to a new heaven and a new earth and a new you."


The Knight of Fiery Hope via Jeremy Berg

Now Available!

Just released!  My new book, When the Dark Mother Calls, The Initiatory Journey of a Magdalene Mystic

"I am loving your book!  It just might be saving a part of my soul right now!" LB

"Your words and your story are like magic and music to me!" SJ

Upcoming Offerings

Fireside Gatherings

Join me during the darker days of the year for my Fireside Gatherings!  Mini-classes for learning, inspiration and community during the

late fall and winter seasons.

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A Journey to the Sacred Mountain

December 3 - 20, 2023

Recorded meditations sent to your email every Sunday & Wednesday til the Winter Solstice.

The darker days of the season begin with a journey to the Dark Mother, but through the month of December, the path leads to the Sacred Mountain where we celebrate the return of light.

This is a light-filled, magical journey!

Fee: $50



Exploring the Faerie Realm

January 28th, 2024

1:00-4:00pm, est

The world of faeries is often misunderstood due to the wrongful myths that have steered humanity away from this meaningful and necessary partnership.

During this afternoon, we'll peel away the layers to reveal the truth of who the faeries are and walk the path to reconnection.

Fee:  $75


Seeing Through Dragon Eyes

January 20th, 2024

1:00-4:00pm, est

Dragons have returned to support humanity, yet many remain "chained" to years of suppression and misunderstanding.

During our afternoon together, you'll connect with your personal dragon, learn how to free dragons and transform your life through seeing through their eyes.

Fee: $75

Online Trainings & Initiations

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The Path to Awakening
Your Divine Star Blueprint

Registration will open January 1st!

Join the Magdalene Star Temple.

There's an ancient path followed by mystics, saints and spiritual seekers throughout time.  In some cultures it's referred to as The Tree of Life,
and in others, The Mystical Qabalah. 
It's the path to wholeness and
to the One true self and Star presence.

In this course, I guide you through this ancient journey as it pertains to both your body and spiritual self.  A deep and profound intimacy of knowing who you are that
awakens your Divine Blueprint. The ultimate experience of embodied wisdom and incarnated spirituality.

The path to becoming the living grail &
giving birth to a New Earth is to fully embody your star presence.

This course offers you Star Temple Codes pertaining to each Sephiroh and the overseeing Star Being  for integration, and written material to satisfy your intellect.
By Andrea Solario_edited.jpg

The Path of the Myrrhophore
Holiday Special til 12/2/23
Save $50 Discount Code:

Register now and get full access
to the course right now!

The Mistress of oils cares for the soul of humanity and their point of transition - the threshold moments where the soul needs tending.

Birth, death and initiation.

Today, more and more women are being called to this
ancient tradition to reawaken the wisdom
from a forgotten faith. 
It's time to reunite and assist humanity across the
threshold to what mystics and saints have referred to as
The Golden Age throughout time.

The  Sacred Oil Alchemy course is an initiation into the divine work of the Myrrhophore. An oral tradition held by Mary Magdalene and other women, passed down through the ages. 

Through you
r own initiation, you discover both the power of sacred oils, and a deep relationship to the
work by direct experience.

In-Person Trainings & Sacred Journeys

Skye_Trista Haggerty.png

Boutique tours for the mystic at heart!
Join me for a journey back in time to some of the most powerful initiation sites and ancient spiritual centers.  Following the footsteps of our ancestors and the mystics that came before us, we enter into the mist that transcends time. 

My group tours are intentionally small for a more intimate experience consisting
of deep work, extraordinary experiences and lots of soul nourishing "sistership".

I guide my groups to the places off the beaten path where the presence of our ancestors and the guardian of both land and temples
is very palpable.


Upcoming:  Egypt & France

in 2025

Landscape:Trista Haggerty.jpg

My book is now available for purchase in both the Kindle version and paperback!

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Sacred Oil Alchemy
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As women who are leaders helping others to heal, awaken and weave a new world, having a sanctuary that's powerful, safe and private is vital for you to be able to let go, heal and replenish yourself.

Located on 200 acres of forest, offering private cabins, yoga mats, meditation pillows, healthy, home-made meals, and fresh spring water, our sanctuary is the perfect place for you.

Email me to arrange your time here at our very sacred forest sanctuary.


Trista Haggerty

Bright Gold Sun_Snake.png
I am a  keeper of the original earth template and guardian of the Magdalene Order.  For more than 25 years, I've guided women through ancient initiations to reach their greatest potential, and to become the embodiment of the Divine Feminine.

Trista_Gray Sweater.jpg

I live in Upstate New York where my husband and I tend to 200 acres of sacred land and forest.  We welcome in pilgrims on the journey who seek respite and renewal, and I offer in-person trainings and healing retreats for women walking on the Magdalene Path.  Our place is a sanctuary with small, cozy cabins sitting at the edge of the forests, and a beautiful temple space perched on the side of the mountain overlooking the valley hills.


Free Teachings


Crossing the threshold into your wisdom years is a time of change.  Where before, you may have relied on the rhythm of your moon cycle, now, it's as if you've been completely thrown off course, being tossed back and forth, with little to no understanding as to what is going on with your body. 

It is a time to surrender, as well as a time to pick up your personal staff and become the Divine Creator of your life.

Screen Shot 2023-04-30 at 5.26.32 PM.png

Your womb, during the mothering  years is in service to creating your vision - whether this is a family, a business, or lifestyle. It's a time of nurturing and tending to all that you birth.

It's also a time to experience the power of your energetic womb that extends far beyond your physical body..  This FREE audio offers a meditative teaching on the power of your womb as a magical cauldron.


A woman's rite of passage, the coming of your sacred blood and learning how to enter and tend to your sacred garden.

This meditation guides you through the process of "building" and tending to your inner most sanctuary.

Coming Soon!

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