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"To encounter the mystical Grail of myth is to be healed.
To serve the living Grail is to bless.

To become the Grail is to give birth to a new heaven and a new earth and a new you."


The Knight of Fiery Hope via Jeremy Berg

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Weaving a New World
Fall online gatherings start September 18th!
Join our virtual, fireside gatherings as we explore the untangling of the old world and the weaving of the new.  Click the link below to see what the fall topics are and to sign-up.  There is no fee to join.

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Grail Alchemy

The Path of Awakening Your Body's Divine Blueprint

Starting in January, 2022

There's an ancient path followed by mystics, saints and spiritual seekers throughout time.  In some cultures it's referred to as The Tree of Life, and in others, The Mystical Qabalah.  It's the path to wholeness and to the One true self. 

In this course, I guide you through this ancient journey as it pertains to your body.  A somatic experience of healing and releasing past wounds, trauma and beliefs.  A deep and profound intimacy that  awakens your Divine Blueprint in your body.  The ultimate experience of embodied wisdom and incarnated spirituality.

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The Grail School offers training, mentoring and community for those on the path of seeking

their greatest expression of Self and universal truth, while

guiding humanity towards their greatest potential.

The Grail School Offerings

The Sacred Journey

a grail immersion

Retreats in Nature
a grail healing
Online Programs
a grail training

Check out our Sacred Journey offerings for 2023!

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Enter the place of the heart, the Isle of Iona, where time stands still and begin a journey following the path of the Dragon Bloodline as we weave through the mists of the inner and outer Hebrides, the awe-inspiring Scottish Highlands and the Rosslyn Chapel where the mysteries are told in the stained glass windows.

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Breathe Easy, Rest Deeply, Seek Truth.  Enter into sacred space and discover the Divine spirit of nature.  Trista offers private, one-on-one retreats and gatherings at her magical home and sacred grail land in Upstate New York.  Click on "more info" and you'll be taken to our Hawk Circle Retreat site.

NEW! Online Trainings & Classes Starting in 2021

Online Classes and Gatherings
The path to unveiling one's true self is a well-worn path, traveled by many.  It's the path of the mystic, the shaman and the wise woman.  Each course is designed to stir your soul awake, and renew your tired bones.  Healing, transformative, and insightful.

Sacred Oil Alchemy

The Path of the Myrrhophore


Fall class

Begins October 17 - November 20, 2021

Online, with 6 weekly live calls

The Mistress of oils cares for the soul of humanity and their point of transition - the threshold moments where the soul needs tending.

Birth, death and initiation.

Today, this ancient, oral tradition calls to you and asks that you reawaken the wisdom from a forgotten faith.