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The Path of Initiation,2010

Finding Meaning and Purpose in the Face of Struggle

The Initiation of the

Black Madonna, 2011

An Archetypal Force of our Time

Article Review

Trista Haggerty brings perspective on disaster to an even smaller scale with her article, “Journey to the Inner Temple: divine presence in everyday life.” While Weber and Kelly are charged with the responsibility of taking mass-scale disasters and finding a bit of small personal hope within them, Haggerty does almost the opposite. She addresses the tiny tragedies of our everyday lives: “a longtime grief over the lack of the family dinner in our home. Bad habits were fully in place with my busy family and their busy lives.” In Haggerty’s experiment, she makes a commitment to become more present and less controlling in her own life and find beauty in every moment in order to break the confines of previous patterns. Her message is hopeful because her experiment works. Haggerty finds that “The letting go that precedes grace is a necessary component. Being willing to stand in complete vulnerability is the threshold, or gateway, to a miracle waiting to occur.” 

by Rachel Cuschieri-Murray

Journey to the Inner Temple

Divine Presence in Everyday Life, 2011

Join me and host, Kole Whitty as I share a few of our modern-day challenges as it pertains to sacred sexuality.  The stories that aren't always talked about!

What Hildegard von Bingen Can Teach Us Today, 2015

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 4.16.39 PM.png

Join Jennifer Urezzio, host of Super Power Experts podcast as we talk about the importance of healing the heart and womb connection.

The Grail Temple

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