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"Trista is a compassionate, understanding, and extremely insightful person; someone who is totally dedicated to helping you understand yourself and the world." 

JS, North Carolina


"Her work with individuals provides them with a sense of relief during chaotic times and a sense of being lovingly held during crisis.  She is truly a beacon of light during dark times." 

LM, New York


"It's difficult to put into words what my work with Trista has meant to me.  My entire approach to life has changed.  I am no longer afraid of change or of pain, for I've learned that both are sources of growth and are worthy of my honor and respect." 

KE, Maryland


"Through my work with Trista, I have learned how much my personal reality is dictated by my own attitudes and beliefs.  My relationship with myself has improved.  I have become more gentle with myself, and this has helped me to be more gentle with life." 

SL, Vermont

"Trista has been an incredible resource in a time when patience, non-judgement, and comfort were needed in my life.  She is able to provide a perspective that not many people can offer, and she does it with an honesty that is readily apparent.  She has been an amazing guide and mentor through a very difficult process, and I would recommend her services to anyone seeking spiritual guidance." 

AM, Massachusetts

"Trista has been an amazing guide and mentor for me.  Whenever I've been at the roughest points in m life, stuck standing in front of giant walls, she has been there to help me through them." 

MK, Massachusetts

"I've known Trista for many years.  She's one of the most open, compassionate, and non-judgemental people that I know.  Throughout the years, she's given me the tools, and the guidance that I needed to find my path.  Even when I've felt totally lost she's been able to help ground me, help me move through my issues, and point me in the direction that I need."
MK, Virginia

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