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While born in the United States, my family heritage is mostly Irish, as well as English, Welsh and German.  I have always been intrigued by the Arthurian Legends and Celtic lore.

When I was in my late twenties, by happen chance, I met a German mystic.  At the time, I was a mother of three young children, but felt such an inner calling to learn from her. I began traveling with her to sacred sites throughout the world.  This was the beginning of my journey into the Grail legends and earth mysteries. 

During my years of travel, my husband and I bought land in Upstate New York - 200 acres of woodland.  I refer to our property as Grail land.  While this is Mohawk territory, there is also a strong connection to the grail legends.  The veil is thin between the human world and the Otherworld, making a perfect place for seekers and pilgrims to come and retreat.


It wasn't until I had children that I really began to make my own herbal remedies.  My daughter's first two and only ear infections led me to learn about natural remedies to improve her immune system.  Years later, my youngest son was born with spina bifida and once again, I turned to natural remedies to support his wellness.  I never studied herbs other than for my own family use, but after returning home from my first trip to Egypt back in 2006, my interest, or more like a memory of sacred oils was awakened and I formally studied and became certified as an aromatherapist.  Feeling as though there was more to learn in regards to oils, I returned to Egypt and the memories of the Myrrhophore tradition began to stir awake.

I have always had a strong connection to the earth.  I turned to her all my life for inspiration, healing and wisdom.  As a child, I spent most of my time outdoors, but it wasn't until I was much older, traveling to sacred sites, where I understood the depth of my relationship with nature and how much my work is inter-twined with the land. I'd say my main work with other people is to bring them back to their roots and back to the earth.  Many people who join me on my sacred journeys can trust there will be a day of exploring caves and going into the darkness and womb of the earth.

I believe it's important that we reconnect with the earth.  Too many newer myths over the past couple thousand years has turned us away from the nourishing and life-giving realm of nature and the darker days of the seasons.  To deepen your relationship with nature, is to deepen your relationship to yourself.

Authors and Teachers who've inspired me:

Helena Shik, Joseph Campbell, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Caroline Myss, Michael Meade, Dion Fortune, Gareth Knight,

Carl Jung, Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki.

Trista is the founder and director of The Grail School where she offers online programs and the creator of Sacred Mountain Tours where she guides small groups to sacred sites and places off the beaten path throughout Europe and Egypt.  She is an author of her forthcoming book, When the Dark Mother Calls, a woman's journey reclaiming her ancient roots.

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