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Mystical Scotland and the Hebrides
The Path of Merlin and the
Dragon Bloodline

September 23 - October 6, 2021  This trip has been rescheduled for the fall of 2022.

Join Trista as she guides you into the Arthurian Legends and the quest for the holy Grail as we traverse the mystical lands of Scotland.  This is both an inner and outer search for the Royal Bloodline of the Dragon Court that has its roots in the Fertile Crescent and Egypt.  Click HERE for Details!

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Hearing the Voice of Your Soul
in Magical Ireland
A Return to Your Roots and Celtic Spirituality
Future dates to be announced!
Brigid, the highly honored Celtic Goddess calls you home to the mother land, the home of the Triple Goddess and the wise and powerful Cailleach.  Here are many 'thin' places where you experience the Otherworlds and enter into the faerie realms and the places beyond the mist of the emerald isle.
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Reclaiming Your Ancient Priestess in France and Spain!
an initiation into the earth mysteries

Check back for future dates!

Following the path of the Black Madonna and the teachings of Mary Magdalene, we are guided into the mysteries that are waiting to be revealed that have remained hidden in the magical landscape of France.

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Healing the Heart of the Divine Feminine!
Ancient Egypt's Sacred Marriage Initiation

Future dates to be announced.

Journey back in time to the ancient lands of Egypt!  The beautiful, sacred temples continue to offer us so much in the way of activation and initiation.  They are so relevant today as they heal the wounds of separation, helping to birth the mind of oneness while dissolving our dualistic mindset. 

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Victoria Wilson   Mar 14, 2017
"An unforgettable experience of healing and self reflection that will forever be etched into my spirit for lifetimes to come. Trista was incredibly accommodating in every way. She was mindful of physical health, spiritual health, light body, and emotional body. She was fully present and accommodated everyone with group meditations and one on one time if anyone needed it."

Demetria Wright   Mar 15, 2017
"What a wonderful, meaningful, mystical journey it was! Trista is an awesome, gifted spiritual coach and teacher. Over the next two weeks of visiting pyramids, temples, wonderful herb, spice and other noted shops, peoples, restaurants and yes, camels and belly dancing, we experienced and learned together as a community while growing within ourselves. I would recommend a journey such as this to any adventurous and like minded soul!"


Colleen Zuntag   Apr 20, 2017
"The integration of the Egypt Sacred Journey activation has been invaluable. Each step back into that mystery was carefully and skillfully supported by Trista. Her ability to help me turn back to my center and see the beauty inside the shadow has burst my world wide open. I have come home with a renewed sense of Self. Trista's work takes you deeper into your life and gives you real ways to connect your spiritual work to your daily life. The carefully guided initiations and the post trip integration work have continued to support these processes. The illusion of separation has been shattered. I have returned Home."

Anne Marple  June 1, 2017
"Trista is an amazingly kind and intuitive guide. She was able to hold space for a group of 10 initiates while expertly navigating the needs of each person and the logistics of the trip.  Not only did we embark on great learnings during the trip, but we were carefully eased into and out of the experience through a series of integration calls. I feel that Trista's thoughtful guidance and care in the overall experience of the journey helped me to let go and allow the information that I needed to settle in deeply. I have a deep reverence for her experience and would join her again on another sacred journey without hesitation."

Matthew Denison  November 2, 2017

"The Sacred Journey with Trista was amazing and life-changing!  Everything was well-planned out and organized.  I loved the small group atmosphere, the ceremonies and sacred sites.  Can't wait to go on another one!"



Anne Restino  July 25, 2018

"Fantastic!  Trista packaged a unique, small group travel experience that combined beautiful sights, ancient history, adventure and self-exploration of one's spiritual beliefs and inner wisdom.  The itinerary and activities were well organized and thoughtful, presented by Trista with care and compassion.  Trista offered informative literature and group phone sessions before the trip that introduced topics and activities we'd explore during our journey.  A few surprises added to the fun and adventure!"

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