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Imagine being gently awakened by the morning song birds just outside your cabin.  You hear flute music softly playing in the distance.  The air is fresh and smells of nearby pine trees.  Our cabins are rustic, purposefully void of electricity so you can deeply rest.

We have charming and rustic timber frame cabins that contain four hand-built bunk beds and two single beds.  Each bed has a comfortable mattress with all cotton sheets and a cozy comforter and pillow.  We suggest bringing an extra blanket during cold weather seasons for additional warmth if needed.  We also have one single cabin with a twin size bed and one cabin with two twin size beds.  (Reservations required as early as possible.)


We also have plenty of tucked away areas for you to set up your own tent if preferred.


Hawk Circle is a non-smoking and drug free environment.






















Savor the healthy meals served to you each day, consciously prepared with lots of vegetables grown here, at Hawk Circle, or nearby farms, sprinkled with fresh herbs.  You follow the footpath that winds through the woods to the fresh spring water that spouts out of the ground where you fill your water bottle with our sacred water.  It quenches not only your thirst, but renews every part of your body.

We offer a farm to table experience as much as possible.  We grow many vegetables and herbs.  We also have an abundance of old apple orchards, elderberries, raspberries and blueberries that provide our guests with homemade applesauce, delicious fruit syrups and jams and our very own maple syrup.  We offer many fresh vegetables and fruits and use as many ancient grains as possible in our baking.  All of our meals are prepared on site in Hawk Circle's farmhouse kitchen. 



We are able to accommodate a wide range of food allergies and food sensitivities.  We offer vegetarian options when specified and for an additional fee, we are able to offer a gluten free menu.  Please feel free to give us a call or send us an email with any questions or concerns regarding your dietary needs.

You wander from your cabin over to Eagle House where a homemade breakfast welcomes you.  Sitting on the porch, sipping your mug of warm, herbal tea, you watch the morning mist dance through the valley as the sun rises over the hill.


As of this summer, we will have our new bath house and class room building completed, Eagle House.  Eagle House  is situated just a short walk from the cabins, perched on the side of the hill with magnificent views!  It offers us a beautiful and spacious class room space as well as private bathrooms and showers with a view.  Enclosed with our own clay from our land, Eagle House represents sustainable methods of building while maintaining both beauty and aesthetics.  The large, solid timber frame beams have come from either our nearby Amish friends or from our own land.

Nearby Attractions

Despite the fact that we are out in the wilderness, Hawk Circle is beautifully located near many wonderful attractions and amazing restaurants.  The Rose and Kettle reminds me of a cozy pub in England.  It's charming and offers incredible food, most of which is locally raised.  There's also Alex's, offering a variety of exquisitely prepared meals with flavors from around the world. 


We are only 15 minutes away from Cooperstown, most famously known for its Baseball Hall of Fame.  It also has some of the top New York State historical museums, The Farmer's Museum and The Fenimore Art Museum.  Nearby is also the well known Glimmerglass Opera with performers from New York City performing on a regular basis through out the summer.


In the other direction, just 15 minutes away, is Sharon Springs, historically known for its sulfur springs and old spas and hotels dating back to the mid 1900's.  In the past 20 years, Sharon Springs has been revitalized with wonderful restaurants and hotels.  It's also the home of the famous Beekman Boys and the Beekman 1802 Mercantile.  A fun place to shop!

Retreat Accommodations
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