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Becoming the Chalice
January 10 - 14, 2017

Mary Magdalene has ushered in a time of deep renewal and healing for the Divine feminine aspects of ourselves.  As we've spent time descending into the underworld, applying the sacred balm to our wounds and unearthing our fierce feminine power, retrieving all that's been lost, shunned or ignored, the Path of the Magdalene asks that we return to our own innocence so that we can once again Become the Chalice.

Opening ourselves to the Sacred masculine is the final surrender of the Divine feminine so that we can truly experience the power of love, union and the return of our beloved.  It is truly an alchemical process as we return to our inner temple in preparation for the sacred marriage of self.

Are you someone who has made changes in your life to align more fully with the Divine Feminine?  And yet, despite all the work you've done, you still experience the old armor and the protected heart?  Have you just about given up on experiencing union with your beloved?

Our bodies and our psyches remember the original wounding and the falling of the sacred temples and have been waiting for the time to fully open to the healing wisdom and disarming power of the Divine Feminine.  This time has come!  Please Join me for this 6-week, online journey, Becoming the Chalice.

FEE:  $397 includes weekly calls and private facebook group for additional sharing.

Early Bird Discount!  Sign-up before December 15th and pay only $315!

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