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Calling Out Evil
Dismantling the Old Paradigm
Discussion Series

A close-up look at the energy of evil and the old paradigm to bring about awareness so we can make conscious steps in creating the new paradigm.

Zoom Call #1 Recording

How do we identify evil?  And what are the roots of this energy?  How do we disengage from the old paradigm and take steps in alignment with the new paradigm?

Zoom Call #2 Recording
The fundamental effect of the consciousness of the old paradigm is to create separation - separation from our power and greater self. 
Audio only

Zoom Call #3 Recording

Our discussion today was about soul negotiations, speaking our truth, spiritual by-passing, sacred anger and understanding the acts of love in a more whole and authentic way.

Zoom Call #4 Recording

Our final call of this discussion series dives deep into grief that often accompanies awakening and ways we can disengage from the old paradigm and embrace the NEW!

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