The ancient traditions reveal a path that guides us through the gateways of deeper knowing, deeper wisdom and to the One true self.  It's a path that has been walked by the mystic, the magician and the holy woman or man.  It is a journey that leads us from the manifested world of duality to the un-manifested world of oneness and cosmic union - the ultimate Sacred Marriage of heaven and earth.

The Grail Path guides you through personal exploration of the three triangles of the Qabbalah and the Tree of Life, the magical, the ethical and the supernal.  You will discover both what you know and what you don't know.  You will learn to trust your self - your unique perspective, your insights, your hunches, your feelings, because this isn't about what I know, it's about what you know.  What lays hidden?  What treasure chest have you been keeping safe until the right time to open?  What wants to be let go of and what wants to be birthed?  

While this training is balanced between masculine and feminine, feeling and intellect, spirit and soul, we awaken the forgotten faith - the one passed down by oral tradition and feminine in nature.  Some refer to this as the left-hand side of God.  Others refer to this as Sophia and the path of union between Gaia Sophia and Ayin En Soph. 

This is a path of becoming the grail, the sacred chalice and embodied wisdom.  It's a path of continual self-emptying so that we can "house" the spiritual forces of the Divine and be the living bridge that we came here to be.

The Magdalene Temple

We begin this journey in the Magdalene Temple, a descent to the goddess, where we dismantle the personality and unravel the truth of our creation. This is Mary Magdalene's message, that the path "home" is through the flesh, deeper into density to find the stars.

  • Moon Mysteries

  • Venus & Garden of Eden

  • Sacred Union

  • The Temple of the Womb

  • Descent to Dark Goddess

  • The Pillars of Mercy and Severity

  • The Foundation of the Magical Arts

The Emerald Temple

Entering the Sephirah of Tipareth, where all paths converge, we weave together the many aspects of self as did Isis for Osiris.  Here, the sacred heart is awakened and with that, access to the Emerald Codes that Thoth, the Egyptian scribe carried from the fallen Atlantis to Egypt.

  • Thoth's Emerald Codes

  • The World of Archetypes

  • The Hall of Mirrors

  • The Gateway to the Otherworld

  • Merlin, the Chalice & the Blade

  • The Temple of Hathor

  • Atlantis

The Temple of the White Rose

Our paths now lead us deeper into the mysteries and to the feet of the Divine Mother.  Mother Mary and Isis both represent the incarnated aspects of Sophia and are seated at the top of the Tree of Life bearing a crown.  It's in this temple, where we are closest to the one self, and the realm furthest from the manifested world.  It's a temple of subtleties and formlessness.

  • Mother Mary and the 13 Earth Gates

  • The Knights of the Round Table

  • The Hidden Self

  • The Temple Brain

  • The Angelic Realm

  • Lemuria

  • Heart Spinning, the Mary Way

What is a Mystery School?

There are many ways the mysteries have been taught over thousands and thousands of years, but what remains always the same, is the process that includes a guide, the initiate and the Divine.  All three approach the threshold or the gateway, but only the initiate and the divine may cross into the Bridal Chamber. 

This isn't something that can be taught in an intellectual way or conceptually, it must be experienced to truly embody wisdom.  A mystery school assists the initiate in awakening and unfolding to their own inner knowing and Divine self. It does not fill you up with information that you have to wrap your head around, but instead guides you through a series of revelations.  


I believe that we all hold a treasure chest, a secret that has been held within our deepest chambers waiting for the right time to be revealed.  We walk the ancient paths, seeking the self and the hidden treasure for many lifetimes, but what if, this is the lifetime where such secrets are revealed?  What if this is the time we've been preparing for?  I believe it is.

About Trista

I am thrilled and humbled to offer this training that is a culmination of  years walking the paths that weave together many traditions of faith and practice.  I've spent 30 years "studying" the mysteries through initiations where I had little understanding and felt as though I was walking blindfolded.  And then many more years in a highly structured and disciplined school.  Both were valuable in their own way. 

When I was 29, I had the good fortune of meeting a very wise German mystic, Helena Shik.  I apprenticed with her and became a member of her mystery school, The Ambassadors of Light.  Her teachings and wisdom were rooted in the Western Mystery School traditions that include great teachers such as Dion Fortune, Gareth Knight and W.E. Butler.  It is with great honor, that I carry forward her work, as she continues to guide and assist from the other side.

"I'm not interested in you knowing what I know.  I'm interested in uncovering what YOU know." --Trista Haggerty
The Grail Path









The Magdalene Temple

Section I:  9-week, online training

September 20, 2020

Self-study Fee:  $297

Mentored Option Fee: $347

Scholarships available, please inquire.

3-part, 27-lesson online course.  This course is taken as an independent study with support through a private, Facebook group.  Each week, you'll receive a lesson in PDF format, a recommended daily exercise, a video and an audio of a recorded meditation or pathwork.


Mentored Option:  

The mentored option includes submitting your daily journals each month with feedback, answers to personal questions via email and a special pendant upon completion of all three temple courses. 

Additional Fee:  $50.00 per temple course

Sacred Oil Alchemy Option:

If you've taken the Sacred Oil Alchemy foundation class and Myrrhophore training, then you may choose this option that offers additional information regarding the use of oils through this program.  There is no extra charge.  This added option shares information on different oils to work with during this course to enhance your experience and deepen your understanding of the oils.  Optional certificate per course upon journal submission.

The Grail Path






The Emerald Temple

Section II


The Grail Path

The Temple of the White Rose

Section III


We are, in small ways, living who we are not.  It's time to become who we truly are.


"It meant so much to me to have this class this year, to feel the workings for change and progression in the world and to honor myself and to feel the support of the group and especially you!!! THANK YOU a million times over!!! Powerful!!!"  JO, Massachusetts


"Take it if you want to align with your whole, authentic self!"

"The Training was an incredible experience and time of learning for me, and I am deeply grateful for that opportunity. And in general I am really grateful for the role of mentorship you have played in my life. I have no idea where I would be if you hadn't given so much of your time, energy and guidance to me! You have helped me activate my own power in a way no one else has and helped me navigate my healing journey to allow me to bloom. All you've done for me means so much to my heart and I am really grateful for you. Thank you!"  HR, M

"It will bring you to a whole new place in your life!"


 "I have suffered from panic attacks for many years and since the first few weeks of this course, I have not had one panic attack. The tools I have learned through our lessons have given me a way to shift my mindset and my fear based thinking."  RS, New York


"You have helped me activate my own power in a way no one else has and helped me navigate my healing journey to allow me to bloom."  HR, Maine


"It was an incredible experience and time of learning for me, and I am deeply grateful for that opportunity." 





And then there came a time, when she heard the call deep in her heart.  The whispers carried by the winds of time,

" Follow the Path.  Awaken the ancient lineage that courses through your veins.  " And with only simple sandals upon her feet, and a hooded cape draped over her shoulders, she set out on a journey to the One True Self.

The Grail Path is an online course, weaving  together both the legends of the grail, Judeo-Christian

and Qabalistic traditions and the ancient Egyptian mysteries.