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NEW!  Online Training Programs Coming this Fall.

Are you ready to answer the call?

To enter into the mysteries held within the hearts of seekers from long ago?

To unveil truths, kept hidden, buried?


Through peeling back wrongful myths and entering temples of coded consciousness, you will deepen and awaken the sleeping self.  You will discover your own  well of wisdom, truths revealed, your grail heart.

Grail Alchemy - a grail maker is aligned with the light of love and truth.  Program helps you to become a grail keeper to pave the way for others to enter into resonance with this new field of being. 

The Grail Path

Cultivating Power and Purpose through the teachings of  the Grail

Section I:    The Descent to the Goddess

Section II:   The Sacred Marriage

Section III:  The Sword of Truth

3-part, 27-lesson online course.  This course can be taken either as an independent study, or with mentoring and questions at the end of each section.  Upon completion of the mentored option, a certificate of completion is issued which will allow you entry into any advanced studies of the Qabalah and the Grail Castle. 


Entering the Sacred Garden

Reclaiming Your Sacred Sexuality


As you unravel the myths that have kept your deep connection with your body and your sexuality in bondage, you will learn to create your inner sacred garden where you and your beloved meet in sacred union.  This work creates fertile ground for you to attract the love and the sacred, healing relationship your heart has been longing for. 

A 12-lesson online course. 






Sacred Oils

The Path of the Myrrophore


Enter into the ancient sisterhood of the myrrhophores and learn how to work with the divine essence of sacred oils.

A 9-lesson online course.





As the age of separation dissolves, Mary Magdalene guides us into union with the beloved and into the body with a deep and sensual connection with the natural world.

This is a significant time for humanity's evolution, and the seekers are being called.  You may find yourself working on self-awareness, empowerment and self-realization relentlessly, always trying to better yourself, to bring about transformation and a sense of magnificent abundance.

Are YOU a relentless seeker?


What is The Sacred Chalice?

The Sacred Chalice is the culmination of following the path of the Grail quest.  It is a series of initiations on the lower part of the Tree of Life taught through the ancient wisdom of the Marys and the nine gates of the womb.  A necessary path to creating the sacred marriage of heaven on earth. 
In this online course, you will be guided through meditations and experiences that will help you to cultivate your own becoming of the Sacred Chalice.  This is your unique experience.  You will traverse this landscape in the way that is appropriate for you and aligned with your higher self.
We are, in small ways, living who we are not.  It's time to become who we truly are.

We are being called to become the sacred chalices, to embody the Divine, helping to anchor in a new consciousness in our lives, in the lives of others and in our world.

This is a life-long path that requires continual self-emptying, a particular awareness of self, of both mind and body to enable you to contain this beautiful, powerful energy of the Divine and this is what YOU will learn to cultivate in your day to day life in this program.

Is this program for you?

Are you a relentless seeker?  wanting to understand a greater truth for yourself and for the meaning of your life?

Are you wanting to have more purpose in your life?

Do you feel like you've been hiding who you are?

Have you ever felt like you know things but haven't really actualized them?

Do you feel disconnected from your power?  Or that you have a far greater power than what you are experiencing right now?

Have you been seeking abundance, but finding struggle?

"I'm not interested in you knowing what I know.  I'm interested in uncovering what YOU know." 
Trista Haggerty

Why should YOU join us?

  • Greater awareness on multiple dimensions

  • Opening to your personal gifts

  • Alignment with the "new earth pattern"

  • The feeling of greater creative freedom and ease.

  • Soul advancement

  • Unearthing your power and purpose

  • Acceleration of consciousness

  • Connecting with like minded people

  • More clarity and less confusion

"Trista is a gifted healer and mentor.
I looked forward every week to our goals,
our meditations and our lessons."


What you will receive.......

  • Three, weekly group calls per month                                                 All calls are recorded for later listening with plenty of time for questions and answers.

  • Three, one-hour private phone sessions                                           To be used as needed during this training for additional support.  One session per 3-month block.

  • Private facebook group                                                                            A great way to connect with group members, ask questions and get support and inspiration.

  • Private Power Chakra Assessment                                                            Discover what your most powerful chakras are, how to avoid struggles and instead work with the power for maintaining wellness and balance.  Offered during the Descent to the Goddess training.

Empathetic people often find themselves in situations where their power becomes compromised.  You will learn how not to let this happen.  You will learn where and how you are susceptible to power struggles that can leave you feeling
empty, exhausted, confused and yes, even heart broken.

For many of you that are drawn to this work, you already know a lot about personal growth and transformation.  And yet maybe you are still feeling like you're not quite where you want to be.  Maybe you're feeling like you're hiding, not fully standing in your power and potential.  Or perhaps, you feel there's more to your power than what you are actually accessing.   This can be so incredibly frustrating, especially for you, because you work hard at personal growth. 


We will examine what I call your energetic construct.  Your energetic construct contains all your beliefs, wounds and lineage patterns from which you've currently created your life.  We will collapse this old construct and begin to build your life from your original blueprint!


We will spend a great deal learning about power and empathy.  Why?  Because people who are empathetic are natural healers, caregivers and powerful people.  BUT how many of you are taught about your power?  Empathetic people often find themselves in situations where their power becomes compromised.  You will learn how not to let this happen.  You will learn where and how you are susceptible to power struggles that can leave you feeling empty, exhausted, confused and yes, even heart broken.


How will this help you?

This training program will help you to better understand your power and how to use your power to create the life you desire.  It will awaken a very deep and ancient part of yourself that understands the mysteries of life and how to become an effective advocate for change and live your life with power and purpose!

"The Inner Alchemy Training was an incredible experience and time of learning for me, and I am deeply grateful for that opportunity. And in general I am really grateful for the role of mentorship you have played in my life. I have no idea where I would be if you hadn't given so much of your time, energy and guidance to me! You have helped me activate my own power in a way no one else has and helped me navigate my healing journey to allow me to bloom. All you've done for me means so much to my heart and I am really grateful for you. Thank you!"  HR, ME


The Inner Alchemy Training Program will take you out of "hiding".  Have you ever felt that you are wearing one face for the outer world to see, while the real you stands back?  This is very common and this training program will help you change this dynamic so the real you, the authentic you, the powerful you is the one showing up every time!

"I loved that this program was offered online.  It was super convenient for me to be able
to learn from the comfort of my own home."


You will receive three live group phone calls each month where I will go over in detail the lessons and tools to practice as well as meditations. You can also ask any questions you would like during these calls.  Past students found it particularly helpful to listen to other students' processes and questions.  These group calls are empowering, fun, inspirational and are instrumental in awakening you to a deeper truth.  All calls are recorded, so if you can't make one of the calls or live in a different time zone, the calls will be accessible with in just hours of the live call.


You will also receive three private sessions with me  where we can dive even deeper and find tools that will help you with your own unique situation.


You will be invited into the School of Inner Alchemy private Facebook group.

Topics of immersion

This training will be preparing both your mind and body to open up to greater abundance and power in your life. 

We will be exploring three different streams of consciousness and our 9 months will be divided into the following areas of focus.

The Descent to the Goddess

  • The Dark Mother

  • The Power of Archetypes

  • The Language of Symbols

  • The Power of Myth

  • Return to the Earth

  • Study of the Hidden Messages in Art

The Sacred Marriage

  • The Divine Feminine

  • Sacred Sexuality

  • The Sacred Womb

  • Chakras and the Heart Purification

  • The Path of Union

  • The Body as the Chalice

The Sword of Truth

  • Harnessing the Power of the Natural World

  • Opening to Spiritual Forces

  • The Relationship Between Power and Empathy

  • The NEW Blueprint

  • Lineage Clearing

  • The Sacred Masculine

  • The Power of Gesture


This training program is about expanding your mind, reaching deep into your own innate wisdom, releasing blocks and revealing and trusting your own unique power.  It's about YOU connecting with your ancient self.


"It meant so much to me to have this class this year, to feel the workings for change and progression in the world and to honor myself and to feel the support of the group and especially you!!! THANK YOU a million times over!!! Powerful!!!"  JO, Massachusetts


"Take it if you want to align with your whole, authentic self!"


"It will bring you to a whole new place in your life!"


 "I have suffered from panic attacks for many years and since the first few weeks of this course, I have not had one panic attack. The tools I have learned through our lessons have given me a way to shift my mindset and my fear based thinking."  RS, New York


"You have helped me activate my own power in a way no one else has and helped me navigate my healing journey to allow me to bloom."  HR, Maine


"It was an incredible experience and time of learning for me, and I am deeply grateful for that opportunity." 








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