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Upcoming Calls:
A Longing for Darkness      FREE

Wednesday, November 9, 7:00pm est

There are gifts this time of year as we enter into the darker days that are essential for our inner growth through out the year.  But for many, the shorter days and the growing darkness is not welcomed and can bring on a period of depression and/or anxiety.  Learn how to align yourself with the gifts of this season and how the archetypal force of the Black Madonna guides you through this seasonal passage.

Did you miss the call?  Click here to access the recording in our Inner Sanctuary!


Remedies for Challenging Times FREE Call!

Wednesday, December 7, 7:00pm est

During times of uncertainty, stress and fear can do a number on our bodies.  Learn a variety of tools to help you stay vibrant and healthy during challenging times.

Missed the call?  Join our Sanctuary to access the recording to this call and many more!

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