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Hearth Fire
The Initiatory Path of Earth Mothering

Date TBA  please send Trista an email if you're interested!

There is an ushering in of a new era and with it a call to mothers as the sacred vessels bringing in the generation that is our future and the light leaders for change.  Mothers who have made their sacred contracts with their children to navigate this experience together have chosen this path as their initiatory experience; they are the keepers of the Hearth Fire.

You may recognize yourself as a keeper of the Hearth Fire because you strive to heal past wounds, transform familial patterns and/or walk a different path while raising your children, questioning the traditional methods of education and healthcare.  OR, you may not realize you're a keeper of the Hearth Fire and find yourself pulling your hair out as your children become more demanding, more unruly or more despondent, and withdrawn and you just don't know what to do.  But you do know and I'm here to help you traverse this landscape with your children, and recognize your power as a mother.


The Primal Mother

With the onset of  patriarchal rule, came a domestication of the feminine and the silencing of the primal mother.  This generation of children is demanding that the primal mother is alive and well to help them pave the way to creating a new world.  Through a series of meditations, we will awaken the primal mother within and align ourselves with the power of the instinctual self.


Healing the Womb

A mother's womb is a life-giving vessel for their children.  The womb is also where we've held our wounds, our grief and our unconscious patterns.  And while the growing fetus is immersed in the energy of our womb, healing our wombs well past our pregnancy years provides not only healing for ourselves but for our children as well.

Hecate's Gateway

From the time our children are born, we strive to keep them warm, healthy and happy.  So when our children, at some point in their lives need to make their own journey of descent, it can seem contradictory to the role we've been in since their very beginning and we can find ourselves experiencing fear and hesitancy to letting them descend to the goddess.

The Star Child

The Star Child comes in with a whole new consciousness and requires different conditions for thriving and discovering their path as a light leader bringing change through embodied wisdom.  We'll explore the needs of the Star Child generation creating a container that can hold the new consciousness they bring with them.


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