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Open Dates:

August 8-27, 2016

Spaces limited to five people at a time.


M, T, W, F - Morning Yoga


Spending time on sacred land facilitates healing and transformation at a very fast rate since the land's frequency is higher and more concentrated.  I've experienced this phenomenon as I've traveled to many sacred sites through out the world and 16 years ago, began experiencing this on our own land as I worked and observed the healing taking place with our students and visitors.


If you're looking for healing, transformation, and well-being, schedule a time for your own personal retreat here at Hawk Circle.  You will benefit greatly from the frequencies that our beautiful, natural and wild landscape holds. 


What to Expect

  • A cozy cabin at the edge of the woods, just for you!

  • Healing and deeply nourishing meals with fresh veges and herbs.

  • Time to wander on our many wooded trails.

  • A visit with our Icelandic sheep grazing in the nearby pastures.

  • Daily private sessions with Trista.

  • Morning movement and yoga.

  • Many drinks from our free flowing fresh water spring.

  • An aromatherapy and goats milk foot and hand massage.

  • Waking to the sounds of morning doves.

  • Falling asleep to the sounds of the night owls and dreaming with the ancient ones.


Please check the available dates (to the left), for your personal retreat as well as a schedule of activities offered.  We require a minimum of two nights.


Personalized Healing Retreats

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