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Journey to the Sacred Mountain!

online healing event

December 1-21, 2018

This event is now closed.

This journey is a soul cleansing.  Past traumas, familial patterns, out-dated beliefs and yes, even past-life experiences that have been carried into this lifetime all have a significant impact on your present day life.

Events from our past create continual struggle, and even when we've done the work and understand the root of our struggles, we still can encounter the same patterns over and over again.

This can be so very frustrating!

The Journey to the Sacred Mountain cleanses your energy field of all the past stuff that is undermining your life.  It feels GREAT and is FUN too PLUS - it re-structuring of your crystalline energy.  It's like taking muddy water and getting it to be crystal clear, bright and energized.

I encountered this dynamic over and over again, until I realized what was going on and discovered the tools to change this dynamic.  It's helped me with my relationship, my work and with my self-care.  There's nothing more frustrating then working hard, creating a strategy, renewing your faith, believing you've found the answer once again, only to have your momentum wane and find yourself back to square one. 


I've created a super fun journey that makes this work exciting and gives you the tools that you can use over and over again throughout the year every time you feel yourself slipping off track or struggling and spinning your wheels. 

Your Journey Includes:

  • What you'll need to get started instructions. 

  • Recorded meditation for an initial energy clearing

  • Message of encouragement, inspiration and wisdom, EVERYDAY.

  • Audio recordings to help you stay on track!

  • Beautiful images that hold a particular vibration(important for this type of clearing!)

  • Final recorded meditation celebrating YOU and the completion of your journey.

One of the reasons this journey is so effective in clearing your energy is that it's creatively designed to be fun, sometimes even a bit silly, soulful and deep.  That's where the magic is, so please join me on this sacred adventure!

The first time I created this type of experience for myself, I felt like I was living in another dimension, but at the same time, felt the Divine within my home and infused in all my interactions with my family.  As I journeyed to the Sacred Mountain during the final days, I was infused with crystalline energy, so "clean" - no more heavy energy that created confusion, questioning myself, subtle negative thoughts or undermining energy.  I was infused with joy, hope, excitement AND most of my patterns dissolved and others dissolved over the next few months.  As empaths, we need to cleanse our bodies energetically on a regular basis to avoid negative influences that have a great effect on our well-being.

The Peak of a Sacred Mountain is believed to bring the seeker closer to heaven.

FEE:  $35  A December Special!  Take advantage of the low cost for this program.  It's my gift to you this holiday season!


Pay Here:                                                                  AND Sign-up below so you can start getting ready for your journey!

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