Sacred Oils - The Path of the Myrrhophore

Long ago, there were women who knew the art of working with Sacred Oils.  They were referred to as the Myrrhophores or Holy Myrrh Bearers.  Mary Magdalene was one of these women.  We've seen the many images of her rubbing oil on Jesus' feet - anointing him.  While we're now savvy to the truth of Mary Magdalene being the wife of Jesus and a high-priestess from a royal bloodline, there is still more to know.  As I ponder the images of her bent over, tending to Jesus with such apparent devotion, I wonder if she was the true initiator.

I believe she was. 

In this class, we'll journey into this ancient sisterhood and learn how to blend and communicate with Sacred Oils.   You'll experience the loving power of the oils to assist you and your loved ones release suffering and open to your own grail potential.

Here is your supply list:

  • Journal and pen - dedicated to your work with Sacred Oils

  • Bottles - 5-10ml amber, green or cobalt blue, glass bottles with cap and orifice reducer.  You'll need five for this class.           (Click Here for Amazon Link)

  • Organic olive oil

  • Organic essential oils of:

Myrtle, Yarrow, Spikenard, Angelica, and Galbanum.

***If you would like my essential oil contact info., please let me know.  It's important that you purchase your oils from a reputable source.  Buying oils at your local health food store will not give you good results.

Class Dates:

All classes will begin at 11am, est. via Zoom.  Recordings of each class will be available.

Saturday, February 1st

Saturday, February 8th

 Saturday, February 15th

Saturday, February 22nd

Saturday, February 29th


Our first class will be a foundations class to establish safety protocols regarding the use of essential oils as well as learning how to make your first sacred oil as your guardian and companion for this journey.

FEE:  $197.00