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The Path of the Myrrhophore

An Online Training & Certification Course

The Myrrhophore

An ancient tradition from a forgotten faith, that calls to us to remember and reawaken the wisdom held within our wombs. 


Alchemy and Sacred Oils whispering to us through the mists of time.

The Myrrhophores are being called to guide humanity

across the threshold to the Golden Age.

Sacred Oils - The Path of the Myrrhophore

Long ago, there were women who knew the art of working with Sacred Oils.  They were referred to as the Myrrhophores or Holy Myrrh Bearers.  Mary Magdalene was one of these women.  We've seen the many images of her rubbing oil on Jesus' feet - anointing him.  While we're now savvy to the truth of Mary Magdalene being the wife of Jesus and a high-priestess from a royal bloodline, there is still more to know.  As I ponder the images of her bent over, tending to Jesus with such apparent devotion, I wonder if she was the true initiator.

I believe she was. 

In this class, we'll journey into this ancient sisterhood and learn how to blend and communicate with Sacred Oils.   You'll experience the loving power of the oils to assist you and your loved ones release suffering and open to your own grail potential.


Class Dates:

All classes will begin at 11am, est. via Zoom.  Recordings of each class will be available.

Wednesday, June 17

Wednesday, June 24

Wednesday, July 1

Wednesday, July 8

Wednesday, July 15

Safety protocols are covered in depth in both the foundation course and the myrrhophore section.

FEE:  $297.00


This course offers you the option of becoming a certified Level I Sacred Oil Practitioner in the Myrrhophore tradition for the living.  If you'd like to be certified, at the end of this course, you will need to complete an exam and submit your daily journal entries for each of the five oils you'll be working with.  Upon completion, you'll receive a certificate and be invited to join our private Facebook group for continuing your work with sacred oils and the Myrrhophore traditions.

Trista Haggerty is certified in aromatherapy and transcutaneous acupressure.  She is also trained in the Egyptian and Celtic mysteries, and traveled extensively over the past 30 years to sacred sites through out Europe, the British Isles and the near Middle East. 


This is a two-part course.  The first part of this course gives you a solid foundation for working with essential oils.  Each lesson pertains to a particular body system, common disorders, essential oil recommendations along with application methods.  


Each lesson also includes my "Inner alchemy viewpoint" pertaining to each disorder and imbalance.  This is a 12-lesson course that comes with a remedy "book" that includes a few of my favorite remedies and instruction on how to make a variety of different products. 


This is self-directed where you can work at your own pace or use as a reference guide.

The second part of this course guides you into the Temple of the Myrrhophores and your work with Sacred Oils.  This course includes working with specific oils(please see supply list below), a 5-lesson course, daily journal entries, and weekly, live Zoom calls that includes weekly lesson, oil and meditation.

Here is your supply list:

  • Journal and pen - dedicated to your work with Sacred Oils

  • Bottles - 5-10ml amber, green or cobalt blue, glass bottles with cap and orifice reducer.  You'll need five for this class. (Click Here for Amazon Link)

  • Organic canola oil (rape seed)

  • Organic essential oils of:  Myrtle, Yarrow, Spikenard, Angelica, and Galbanum.

***If you would like my essential oil contact info., please let me know.  It's important that you purchase your oils from a reputable source.  Buying oils at your local health food store will not give you good results.