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Turning Towards the Other

Talk and meditation embracing the Other

During times of crisis, humanity turns towards faith, and a power greater than ourselves as we seek security and understanding. 

Our current day situation is leading us to nature, to our homes, our families and ultimately to the Self.  To a rhythm that nourishes your soul.

This meditation guides you to embracing the Other within to find peace, love, and wholeness. 

Meditation for centeringTrista Haggerty
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Sacred Oil Alchemy

Experience the healing, calming and renewing benefits of essential oils. 

Sacred Oil Alchemy is a two-part, online course.  The first part teaches you everything you want to know about the basic use of essential oils in a 12-lesson course that includes health disorders associated with each system of the body, recommend essential oils, preferred method of application and the inner alchemy viewpoint. 

The second part of this course is a 5-week course with live Zoom calls experiencing a deep-dive into the sacredness of oils and how they open up portals and guide us to experiencing our Divine selves.  You will learn about the Myrrhophore traditions and their ancient lineage rooted in Egypt and Babylonia.  Begins April 2nd. 

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