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Weaving a New World
online monthly gathering for women
a FREE offering starting in January, 2021
An interactive, online monthly gathering exploring the feminine weavings in creating a New World.
Together we'll explore new ways to replenish our depleted bones, and tend to our hearts that have carried the burdens of an out of balance world.  We'll listen deeply to our emerging self that carries the wisdom for creating an abundant life --one that renews us and offers hope and healing.  


The Grail Path

The Grail Path is a 9-month, interactive, online course that guides you into the ancient pathways of the Tree of Life where we commune with the Archetypes of the Imaginal Realm. 

Both a mystery school and a shamanic journey, The Grail Path weaves together many traditions and explores myths and teachings from several different cultures.

As you walk the paths of The Tree of Life, you encounter different aspects of the human psyche.  These encounters weave your psyche back to wholeness.  They open your mind, your awareness and your heart to your own deep, personal truths and unique gifts.

This course will reopen this winter.  Please sign up for my newsletter to keep updated.

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Sacred Oil Alchemy

Next date is January 25th, 2021

Sacred Oil Alchemy is both a self-study, and interactive online course, reclaiming the ancient path of the Myrrhophore, or Mistress of the oils. 

The self-study aspect of this course offers you a solid foundation in a level one aromatherapy instruction. 

While the interactive aspect of this course is a study of the use of sacred oils and alchemy using five specific oils. 

You'll gain a deep understanding of how to communicate with the oils, different application and blending methods, and wisdom shared from the ancestors of the Myrrhophore lineage.

This course is offered several times during the year.



The Sacred Garden

May, 2021


Beginning with Eve and the serpent, we unravel the age-old myths and stories to discover the truth as we reclaim our own Garden of Eden.

If you are looking to attract a new love and want to heal the patterns that have led to heartbreak, or you want to transform an existing relationship, then this course is for you. 

Through healing original shame, healthy boundaries, and the womb/heart connection, you will build your own inner garden that will attract a healthy, loving relationship.

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Sisterhood of the Antlered Goddess

Coming in June of 2021

A woman's shamanic journey through the seasons with the 'old ones' who followed the deer trod and sang to the song lines awakening both earth and humanity.

The Antlered Goddess, also known as the Horned One, is an ancient primordial mother.  She was revered by her devoted tribe of female shamans and medicine women who followed the reindeer through the seasons. 


Through learning myths and legends, herbal remedies and wild foods, songs and rituals, this course will guide you through the nature year, both inner and outer.


A self-study, on-demand, 8-module course is available when you need it and modules will be delivered to you through out the year in time for each season. 

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