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Weaving a New World

online monthly gatherings

There is a New World emerging and we are all an integral part in ushering in this new era.  How do we reweave both our personal stories and what we consider reality?  What threads do we let go of and which do we weave into the new tapestry of life? 
I used to run women's lodges here at Hawk Circle.  We'd gather in our tepee,
light a small fire, share both drink and food, and sing a new way into being.
I like to think of these gatherings as a virtual women's lodge where
we once again gather around the fire.
How the Gatherings Work
Working with myth, the imaginal realm, and the natural world, we'll explore specific topics each month in relation to our personal journeys. 
Gatherings will take place every third Saturday of the month.
There is no charge, however, you do have to register to gain access.

Upcoming Gatherings

Seeing through Darkness

January 16, 10:00am, est.

We are traversing a tricky landscape, a world full of masterful magicians where one illusion after another is falling away.  This is an erosion of reality --a necessary transition for the emergence of a new world.  But how do we walk this path and find truth?  How do we truly know what to trust?

Join me for a lively discussion asking for the power of the owl's keen night vision to help us see through the darkness.

Following the Deer Trod

February 20, 10am, est

The Antlered Goddess calls to many of us.  She is here to guide us across the threshold, both to and from the Otherworld.  She is a profound nurturer and is here to assist in birthing not just a new world, but YOUR emerging self.  Perhaps a very gifted part of yourself withdrew long ago from a world you did not resonate with and is longing to return.

The Heron's Dance

March 20, 10:00am, est

Connecting with the Heron and the element of water, we get in touch with our feminine nature and her fluidity. What wisdom does she carry?  What does she long for, desire?  What personal threads does she bring to weave into the new world tapestry?

Join me as we embrace the watery nature of our feminine spirit at the time of the Spring Equinox.  We'll practice the art of scrying and receive in what the water reflects back.



Please register and you'll receive email announcements and a reminder for each month's gathering.   


We will meet in our virtual lodge at

10:00am, EST on the third Saturday of each month. 

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