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Weaving a New World

online monthly gatherings

There is a New World emerging and we are all an integral part in ushering in this new era.  How do we reweave both our personal stories and what we consider reality?  What threads do we let go of and which do we weave into the new tapestry of life? 
I used to run women's lodges here at Hawk Circle.  We'd gather in our tepee,
light a small fire, share both drink and food, and sing a new way into being.
I like to think of these gatherings as a virtual women's lodge where
we once again gather around the fire.
How the Gatherings Work
Working with myth, the imaginal realm, and the natural world, we'll explore specific topics each month in relation to our personal journeys. 
Gatherings will take place every third Saturday of the month.
There is no charge, however, you do have to register to gain access.

Upcoming Fall Gatherings
When you register below, you will have access to the recordings of our previous gatherings.

The Passage of Grief

September 18, 10:00am, est.

As the old world falls apart, we are asked to let go of so much.  For some, letting go has been a choice as they're ready to move on from job or relationship.  For others, there's been no choice and life steps in and takes away what you no longer need.  It can feel harsh and jarring.  During our first call of the season, we're going to dive deep into the passage of grief.  How do we recognize it?  How do we fully surrender to it?  As well as understanding the greater purpose of grief at this time in history.  

The Face of Self-Sabotage

October 16th, 10am, est

It is so frustrating when we desire one thing and experience quite the opposite, continually having the rug pulled out from under us.  At a time of the year when the days are growing shorter and the darker days are nearing, the shadow self becomes more pronounced.  How do we discover a deeper meaning and purpose to the part of us that undermines our desires and our goals?  

Dancing with the Darkness

November 20, 10:00am, est

The darker days are rich in wisdom, renewal and healing.  How do we sink deep into this womb space?  How do we sit in darkness, letting go of the need to see and to know?  During our gathering, I'll share stories and a meditation on embracing and dancing with darkness.



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We will meet in our virtual lodge at

10:00am, EST on the third Saturday of each month. 

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