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Exploring the Depths of Your Sacred Self

at Hawk Circle, Cherry Valley, NY


"The truly holy person welcomes all that

is earthly."

Hildegard von Bingen

Walking Between Worlds

experiencing the union of heaven and earth through the life of Hildegard von Bingen

TBA, 2017 
Hawk Circle, Cherry Valley, NY
with Trista Haggerty and guest instructors


For over 700 years we've been living in the "Age of Separation" where we've experienced the earth as a separate dimension from heaven and forgetting the Divine presence that exists in all of nature.  The patterns of this separation have been deeply rooted in our psyches and the patterns that persist remain in our bodies waiting to be transmuted and alchemized into a Divine experience. 


In this retreat, you will be entering into sacred space, partaking in the magical experience of the union of heaven and earth as it pertains to our own bodies.  Through music, art, meditation and movement, we will be experiencing union as our old beliefs of duality begin to dissolve and our hearts expand to experience the One Divine Self.   Join us for an unforgettable retreat that will empower you to practice a life of contemplation in action and the Sacred Union of your Divine Self.

The Black Madonna Retreat

A Longing for Darkness

TBA, 2017 
Hawk Circle, Cherry Valley, NY
with Trista Haggerty

The Black Madonna is a powerful earth mother archetype found in many native cultures. Honored as Kali in India, Guadalupe in the Americas and through out Europe in the form of blackened statues representing the earth mysteries, she is the force that guides us into the depths of self.


Our striving for consciousness and enlightenment that has been at the forefront of the New Age movement has in a sense uprooted us from the earth and a place of deep feeling and passionate living.  We continue to seek our answers from the light and turn away from the darkness and dangerously "lift" ourselves above any pain or thoughts viewed as negative.  During this retreat, you will reunite with your earthly self and discover your own treasures found in the depths of your soul.  We will dive deep into the feeling realm and our own earthly roots bringing us to the feet of the Black Madonna.

Becoming the Chalice

The Path of Mary Magdalene

TBA, 2017

Hawk Circle, Cherry Valley, NY

2017 Retreats & Online Classes

Please check back in for retreat details and registration coming soon.  Our retreats are held at Hawk Circle in Cherry Valley, NY where I live with my family on 200 acres of beautiful wilderness.

I also offer online programs that correspond with each retreat which will also be posted soon!

"The Hildegard Retreat took me into a journey into a sacred space where time is measured not by seconds or minutes but by deep listening.  Like a feather floating on God's breath, I learned to tune myself to high pitches and harmony of colors and use them as a door to the divine in nature and in myself.  I experienced deep nourishment to body, soul and spirit.  I experienced deep connectedness and a feeling of sisterhood."

Mary Magdalene guides us on the path of passionate living and sacred union.  She is the grail cup, the chalice that opens to the sacred masculine.