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Sacred Journey

to Egypt

Are You Being Called?

Ancient Egypt is by far one of the most mystical places on our planet with temples built almost 5,000 years ago with knowledge that many are still trying to understand. 


Egypt offers points of activation and temples of initiation that will accelerate your healing and conscious evolution like no other place I know. 


The Egyptian mysteries are so pertinent today as we are shifting from the age of separation to creating a whole new way of living here on earth.  The gods and goddesses are asking us to return, to awaken our star seed and activate our inner library of wisdom.

Imagine walking with the Gods and Goddesses through the temples and the powerful landscape of Egypt in the footsteps of the ancient ones.  Climbing the stairs to the King’s Chamber and discovering the portal to the stars.  Yes, our group has permission for a private visit to the top of the Great Pyramid!

Activate your inner library of ancient wisdom that is encoded within your cellular being.  Let the stories and the images of the heiroglyphs awaken you to all that you are as did the initiates that walked this path before you.
Upon arriving in Cairo, your journey will begin as we stroll through the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities.  Here, you'll see the amazing culture of ancient Egypt so well preserved.

The ancient Egyptians viewed the Nile as the human spine and built their temples along the banks of the Nile in correlation with the human chakra system.  Your true journey will begin from the Upper Nile which is actually in the south where the Nubian people reside. 

Experience the magical journey by boat through the early morning mist to the Island of Philae and the Temple of Isis.  Before the sun rises above the horizon, you'll enter into ceremony to reveal your own sacred temple and birth the Divine child.  We have permission for an early morning, private visit.


Isis Temple.jpg
Sekhmet, Egypt.jpg

Enter the sanctuary of Sekhmet, the lion-headed goddess that invites you to fully stand in your power.  She is a warrior goddess turned healer and her presence is unforgettable.  You'll have private time with her as she shares her wisdom with you.

Discover the power of sacred oils opening your chakras to be fully alive and awake!  The Egyptians were the first to begin working with sacred oils and are master alchemists.  I've arranged for our group to have a private meeting with one of Egypt's finest who will be sharing his ancient wisdom of oils and herbs and the Egyptian chakra system.

Four-Day Nile Cruise

Our floating hotel will meander up the Nile stopping at temples along the way.

This is a beautiful way to experience the Nile and to re-imagine what it was like to live in ancient Egypt.  Palm trees dot the banks of the Nile, an otherwise muted landscape, along with fields of cotton and sugar cane.


You'll visit the temple of Dendara dedicated to the goddess, Hathor where the passionate culture of the Egyptian people are colorfully displayed in the hieroglyphs. 

From there, we'll make our way back to Cairo stopping to visit the cave in which Mary hid after giving birth to Jesus.  A remarkable weaving of history as you'll discover the profound ties Mary and the "Marys" had with the Egyptian Mystery Schools.

Our final day begins with an early morning, private visit to the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid.  Truly a portal to the stars, here, you'll activate your star seed.  We'll spend time in meditation and conclude our visit with a song to the pyramid.  And sometimes, you can hear the stones sing back to you!

2516-mena house1.jpg
The Venue

We'll be staying at some of Egypt's finest hotels chosen both for comfort as well as their close proximity to the sites.

Imagine a day spent out in the heat of the Egyptian sun, and returning to your hotel with a pool to cool down in and gorgeous gardens to wander about.

The historic Mena House will welcome us as we arrive in Cairo, where you can relax in their lounge sipping cold hibiscus tea while taking in the amazing view of the pyramids. 

While further south, the majestic Winter Palace, once a winter retreat place for Egypt's royal family, will be our home away from home with gardens galore and traditional bread baking ovens.

Dietary Restrictions? 

Please let me know if you have any dietary restrictions so I can alert the hotels.  We'll do our very best to make sure you are well taken care of.

spice market, egypt.jpg
Strolling through an open-air market is a delight for the senses.  Baskets filled with vibrant colors of spices and hibiscus, sparkly scarves and sarongs, and the smell of amber and myrrh waft from every vendor.
The ancient Egyptians were the first people to have worked with essential oils.  The oils were their primary healing modality.  They also used sacred oils for anointing and to reach greater heights of awareness. We'll be visiting Adel's very special shop of oils and herbs where you can purchase bottles of amber, frankincense and other valuable oils.
Other treasures to be found are mahogany jewelry boxes embedded with mother of pearl, alabaster jars and vases and lovely images of gods and goddesses painted on papyrus.
Lastly, we'll visit an Egyptian carpet store with intricately designed patterns and colors hand-woven into heirloom rugs.


Pita Bread

Warm pita bread freshly made in outdoor,

clay ovens.

Your Initiation Package

This Sacred Journey to Egypt is a powerful initiation where you will enter into the teachings of the ancient temples and the Egyptian Mysteries of The Sacred Marriage.  The temples are designed in a mirror image to both the planetary realm and the human body offering powerful awakenings and healing.

While our Egyptian guide is well-versed in Egyptology, Trista will offer you a different view point.  She will bring your awareness to the particular initiation and consciousness of each temple which are intrinsically related to the mystical qabalah, an ancient, hermetic system of understanding human psychology and evolution.

Prior to the beginning of our journey, we will have three, group calls where Trista will talk about the trip, answer questions and help facilitate our group's alignment with the power of the temples.  When you make a commitment to this type of initiation, your life begins to get re-shuffled and sometimes you find yourself even being tested as a way to prepare you.  Our calls will provide insight and how best to address these types of situations.  Upon returning from our journey, Trista offers an hour-long, private integration call for each sacred journey traveler.



Gold Ankh with wings.jpg
What's Included:
  • Beautiful hotel accommodations, double occupancy
  • Four day, three night Nile Cruise
  • All domestic flights and other travel arrangements
  • Entrance tickets to all museums, temples and attractions
  • Most meals
  • Egyptologist and  guide
  • Trista's Initiation Package (see above)
Camel Nose_Trista Haggerty.jpg
What's Not Included:
  • International flight to Cairo
  • Our guide's tip, $150/person recommended
  • Entry Visa, $25, purchase upon arrival
  • Money for shopping adventures
  • Personal, medical or travel insurance 

FEE:  $6,898.00, double occupancy


Your Sacred Journey Guide

Trista Haggerty has spent the past 25 years traveling to sacred sites through out the world studying at the ancient mystery schools.  She guides people through initiations into a higher consciousness, healing the whole self.  She is the founder of The Grail School and co-founder of The Earth Mentoring Institute, aka, Hawk Circle Wilderness Retreat.


The Sacred Journey to Egypt

The Star Seed Initiation



Why Now?

We are at a pivotal moment in history where the doorway to change is wide open for those who are ready to step through and fully align with the new paradigm, one that is aligned with love, truth and abundance.  For many of us, we have been working towards this time in our own way for many years taking steps to shift away from the old masculine construct that our world has been suffering from for thousands of years.  We have said no to abuse, over come heart ache, learned to stand in our power, found our voice and discovered the power of love.  We're ready to open our own inner library of new information and wisdom helping us to become the ambassadors of light to create a better world. 

Now is the time to answer this call and journey back to the land of the ancient ones!

Hot air balloons over Luxor.

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Your Cultural Delights!

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