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Wouldn't it feel wonderful to release the patterns of struggle and experience deep intimacy that transcends your everyday experience?

To finally feel like you're living your potential and walking your path of power and purpose?

Deep within you, you have wisdom, like a buried treasure that holds the

consciousness of the Divine Feminine.  Do you Remember?

This class will help you to Reclaim Your Forgotten Self

and experience a deep and intimate connection with your purpose and power!

Mary Magdalene is calling you to remember and reclaim your forgotten self - your power, purpose and passion
She has risen from the underground where she was banished thousands of years ago and brings her teachings of the Sacred Marriage, heralding the beginning of a new era.
Have you felt that you have gifts but aren't really sure what they are or how to activate them?
Do you long for a deeper intimacy with your relationships, in life, in nature?
Have you ever felt like you're hiding who you really are?
Are YOU ready to reclaim your
ancient self and awaken your power?
Each class will guide you closer to unveiling your gifts, aligning with your Divine Feminine nature and healing the divide between you and your forgotten self.
Through a series of meditations and transmissions, you will be guided through the teachings and consciousness of Mary Magdalene and the grail heart.  This is a path of sacred union and healing the ravines that separate you from living your life of power, purpose and passion.
What You'll Discover in this class:
  • Your Sacred Womb
  • The Womb-Heart union
  • Sacred Sexuality
  • Oneness in Duality
  • Your Body as the Chalice
  • Awaken Your Sacred Codes
  • Power of the Divine Feminine
  • Activate Your Power
Class Details:
Sacred Marriage Class begins January 8, 2018
  • Three live classes per month, all recorded for later listening(total of 9 classes)
  • One, hour-long private phone session each month
  • Private facebook group
Course Fee:  $450/3-month class or $180 x 3 monthly payments
Continue your journey and join me in France!
Your journey into the teachings of Mary Magdalene and sacred union can continue!  I'm taking a small group to France this spring where we'll be exploring the caves and cathedrals dedicated to Mary Magdalene and the Black Madonna.  A powerful initiation! 
Becoming the Chalice Online Series
The Sacred Marriage course is part of our Becoming the Chalice online series.  I'll be running this series each year, so if you missed one, you'll be able to take it the following year.
Trista Haggerty

The Divine feminine is calling us back home and to our authentic selves.  She is the bringer of balance, the keeper of ancient wisdom and the cultivator of a life lived with purpose, power and passion. 

My journey with the Divine feminine began during my first trip to France over 20 years ago where I encountered the Black Madonna.  She activated the grail codes carried in my sacred heart/womb which preceded a series of initiations into the feminine mysteries. 

My online classes, in-person retreats and sacred journeys support the path to awakening, activation and healing. 

Join me and discover your Divine Feminine power!

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