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Listening to the Voice of your Soul

in Ireland and the Wild Atlantic Way

September 8-18, 2019

Ireland is a place that calls you home, where you discover your
ancient roots deep in the Goddess Tradition.
For far too long, the new myths from the past 2000 years have silenced
the older myths where the Goddess was highly revered.
This has lead to the silencing of your soul, so inherently connected with the old ways.
This sacred journey will deepen your connection to your
wild nature and the voice of your ancient soul.

You feel it deep in your bones, a stirring that you can't ignore.  It's the emerald isle calling you home to your ancient roots. 


Your journey begins leaving Dublin and traveling into the "sacred garden" of Ireland, the majestic mountains of Wicklow to the extensive ruins and tranquil setting of the Glendalough Monastery.


Here, you will attune to Ireland's oldest goddess, Cailleach.  Her power is palpable, as she stirs her mighty cauldron, guiding you into her Underworld where lays the light within the earth and the land of the Sidhe, the Tuatha De Danann.

Here begins your journey as the Cailleach stirs your inner cauldron and your ancient soul awakens!

Glendalough Monestery, Ireland.jpg

The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.

WB Yeats

Celtic Cross_Glendalough_istock_Trista H


The veil between worlds is further lifted as you journey to the Navel of Ireland, the hill of Uisneach, a powerful site that is situated in the exact center of Ireland.

The Aill na mireann, more commonly called the Cat stone, is believed by some to be a portal into the Otherworld as well as the burial place for the goddess Eiru. Here, you will tune into the ancient mysteries of the Celtic people and the mystical land of Ireland.

As we continue west, a beautiful bed & breakfast awaits, offering a home away from home for you to enter into a dream scape by the sea where the mysteries are further revealed. 

Ireland is a land of mist and magic!

You travel deeper into the earth mysteries as you sail to the Aran Isle of Inis Mor.  A step back in time to island living with the rawness of the elements - rock, sea, wind and sun!

Gazing out into the vast ocean of the Atlantic, the smell of salt water, a cool breeze on your skin, coupled with the warmth of the sun, you will hear the voice of your soul.

It is here, the Isle of Inis Mor, where you will reach deep into the Cailleach's cauldron as she stirs your soul, and the Weaver Goddess weaves our new stories, while diving deep into the old myths. 

Here you will  free yourself of your life's stories that no longer serve you

as you weave together

a life aligned with the Goddess!

Seven Churches, Inis Mor.jpg
Loughcrew_istock_Trista Haggerty.jpg

As you sail back to Ireland's mainland, the ancient megaliths of Sligo and County Meath call to you.  Earthen mounds, magical cairns and faerie glens that hold the knowledge of long ago, await to share their wisdom.

You slip deeper into the Otherworld as you walk the labyrinth at Carrowcrory, listen to stories from our local guide, John Wilmott, Ireland's woodland bard and share tea and scones as Claire Roche enchants us with her lovely harp music.

Here, we will bathe in the Fae's breath and with the sile, experiencing both woodland and water folklore.

Your final day will be spent following in the ancient footsteps of the Celts and the Druids at Loughcrew and the Hill of Tara before returning for our final night in Dublin.

 Awakened to the Celtic Goddess Traditions, you'll return home

deeply rooted and spellbound !

Inishmor, Ireland_istock_Trista Haggerty

 Pilgrimage on Inis Mor

Your stay on the Aran Isle of Inis Mor(Inishmor) will be the magical highlight of your journey.  Situated in the wild Atlantic Ocean, you'll be with the elements, a perfect place to explore and truly hear the voice of your soul.  Symbolically, an island suggests spiritual isolation.  A time to retreat into your innermost sanctuary of the heart.  The island is known for maintaining its true Irish heritage where the native Gaeltacht language is spoken.  An island surrounded by natural beauty, Inis Mor has attracted artists, musicians and poets for many years, no doubt, inspired by the astounding landscape.  Following stories and Gaelic hymn with Dara Molloy, the island's Celtic monk, you'll spend your time here exploring the ancient ruins, listening to the whispers of the stones, and connecting with the faeries of the sea as they gently lift and wash away grief and energetic residue, reconnecting you with your Goddess self.  You'll spend some time weaving your new story, guided by the age-old longing of your soul as you listen to the mighty Atlantic crash upon the shores of Inis.  During our evenings, our small and intimate group will rejoin for lively Irish music and fabulous food at the local Irish pubs.  Exploring the island by bicycle is the desired way.  Smooth and fairly flat paths make bicycling pretty easy.

The Venue


Your journey will begin in the mountains of Wicklow, considered to be Ireland's sacred garden where we'll spend our first night in a mountain lodge close to the ancient Glendalough monastery. 


From here, we will travel across Ireland stopping at sites along the way until we reach the west coastal area of Kinvarra.  We'll spend two nights in this beautiful seaside area before sailing to the Isle of Inis mor.

Simple lodging for the pilgrims who travel to this beautiful island awaits us and will be our home for two nights.  Hiking, bicycling or taking a horse-drawn buggy will be our ways to explore the island.

Returning to the mainland, we'll enter into the magical landscape of Sligo, where we'll be staying at the majestic Temple House.  A lovely mansion that we'll return to each day after exploring the many ancient sites and megalithic tombs this area has to offer.  

Our hotels and bed & breakfasts have all been carefully selected to provide you with comfort, a home away from home with a taste of  culture and warm hospitality that the Irish are so well-known for.

PLEASE NOTE:  We will be staying at B&B's where there are no standard rooms.  They vary in shapes and sizes.  Rooms will be fairly assigned based on order of registration. 

IMPORTANT:  I am booking spaces for 7 people.  It is advisable to sign-up as early as possible to guarantee a room in our chosen B&Bs and a spot on the ferry ride to Inis Mor, as both have limited space.  Other lodging and ferry reservations will be made for late registrants if all other rooms/seats have already been taken.

Dietary Restrictions? 

I'll make sure our hotels and B&B's are aware of any food allergies and sensitivities so you'll be well taken care of! 

The Temple House, Sligo

Your Sacred Journey Cultural Delights!
The Temple House_Sligo_edited_edited.jpg

The Temple House, Sligo


Horse drawn buggy on Inis Mor


Cozy Aran Knit Sweaters can be found at the woolen mills on Inis Mor.  Beautifully hand-knit sweaters, blankets and other woolens.

Traditional Aran sweaters were born out of the seafaring communities of the Aran Isles and is the ultimate symbol of Irish clan heritage.

For those able to interpret the patterns, there is a lot of information pertaining to particular clans, all knitted into the traditional Aran sweater.

Seaweed Bath Anyone?

Along the western shore of Ireland, you'll rejuvenate your tired muscles as you soak in warm seaweed baths, once called "the sailor's cure" by ancient mariners. 

Seaweed is one of the oldest life-forms on our planet and is mineral rich.  It detoxifies, tones and cleanses the skin, leaving it so soft and fresh.

Rich in iodine, seaweed is one of the most supportive plants for thyroid function.

Enjoy Irish Pubs!
The people of Ireland are the most welcoming people I know.  Their pubs have a cozy and lively atmosphere with good food and drink.
The bartenders are often some of the best Irish storytellers!
Part of the enchanting atmosphere of Irish pubs are due to the musicians that frequent the pubs for a night of fun, traditional Irish music. 

Irish Coffee

Try your coffee the way the Irish do!  Heartwarming with cream on the top.


Your Initiation Package

To discover the light within the earth, is to journey into the Underworld where the Dark Goddess resides, the Cailleach.  Newer myths and religious dogma pushed the Goddess underground, along with the faerie folk, or Sidhe.  Thankfully, in Ireland, the Goddess traditions were sustained longer than any place in the world.  Etched into the ancient stones, carried by the winds of the sea, the Goddess unveils herself to you as you attune to her realm.

This initiation is a return to your ancient lineage and oral traditions that will stir your soul awake.  You'll be working closely with the power of the Cailleach and the Weaver Goddess, two of the oldest forms of earth energy.  Together we'll weave new stories into our lives and into the earth for humanity's blossoming consciousness. 

Your pilgrimage to the Aran Isle of Inis Mor will deepen your experience.  We will call in the power of the elements, so vividly alive on this small island, surrounded by the ferociousness of the mighty Atlantic Ocean.  Here, you will have time to hear the voice of your soul and learn about the power of the 7 directions and the elemental beings.  Later, in our journey, you'll have the opportunity to visit the faerie hills of Sligo and connect with your personal guide from the faerie realm.

Any journey into the Underworld provides powerful healing and transformation. 

It is the Cailleach's cauldron, the original grail, that discards the old and provides deep healing and renewal.

Weeks prior to our journey, I will provide three preparation calls to familiarize you with the legends of Ireland as well as to address any logistical questions.  Upon our return, I will offer three integration calls and a private, one-hour individual session, helping you to acclimate to your home environment while tending to the healing, energetic shifts, and increased frequencies you will have encountered during this sacred journey.

Anyone signed up for this journey is offered a discount for the School of Inner Alchemy Training, Becoming the Chalice, that begins this fall!

BM40 Faerie Reel.jpg

What's included.......

  • Lovely and conveniently located accommodations

  • Transportation from Dublin airport

  • All breakfasts and several dinners of traditional Irish foods

  • All domestic travel within Ireland, including ferries

  • Entrance fees to all visiting sites

  • Seaweed and steam bath

  • Initiation Package(as described above)                                     

Itinerary is subject to change due to circumstances

out of our control.

What's NOT included.........

  • Round-trip airfare from home

  • Taxi service from hotel to Dublin airport upon your return

  • Lunches and some dinners

  • Wine and beer and other specialty drinks

  • Gifts and other personal items

  • Tipping our local guides, bus drivers and hotel services

  • Personal transportation services.

  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

Please check out our recommended Travel Guard Insurance


Wicklow Mountains, Ireland.jpg
Sligo, Ireland.jpg


You must arrive at the Dublin airport on the morning of September 8th.  Our bus will pick you up and transport you to our beautiful woodland lodge in the Wicklow Mountains.  The time frame for your arrival needs to be in the early morning as our bus will pick us up at 9:00am.  We will depart from Dublin airport on Wednesday, September 18th

If overnight flights are challenging for you, I suggest you arrive a day early, giving yourself time to recharge.

FEE:  $4,187  Hold your spot with a deposit of $800!


Trista Haggerty - Your Sacred Journey Guide

As a young seeker, I felt the call to enter into the training of the ancient mystery school teachings.  At the time, I didn't really understand what that even meant - it was an intuitive knowing.  My training involved traveling to sacred sites and powerful landscapes for the past 25 years.

Each place I visited, I was guided through initiations, received miraculous healing, and had profound experiences that forever changed me.

My experiences revealed more of who I am each time, where I was able to tap into an ancient wisdom and cultivate my gifts of healing.


Now, I am committed to guiding others to these amazing places, to reap the  benefits as I have and to call back your ancient self.  The world needs us to return as the Light Leaders for Change.  Whether it's for your own personal transformation, your family or for your work out in the world, this quest for the self is greatly needed.

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