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Our Inner Journey through the Seasons

For those of you who've worked with me(hello Inner Alchemy students;)), you know how I like to align my inner work with the seasons. We have our own inner journey through the seasons and when we're aligned with the rhythm of the earth, we are in sync and supported by the earth's energies. Being aligned enhances our inner journey through the year and makes it that much more powerful. Think of it like this, when


not aligned with the seasonal changes, we tend to push ourselves through growth prematurely, or we resist the darkness of the shorter days that call us inward and we don't recognize the importance of each stage for our own personal growth. It can sometimes feel like we're swimming upstream.

When you bring your awareness to the natural world, you can see the importance of the quiet, incubating time of winter. The trees' roots are gathering up energy for their spring growth. Energy that will help them to grow longer branches and produce full buds. We do the same thing if we can allow ourselves the time during the winter months to slow down and gather our energy, to imagine new things, and to recognize what we need for our own fertile ground for spring growth.

Our work that's coming up soon with spring not too far away is much like the daffodils beginning to pop up out of the ground. We need to reach for the sunlight, sometimes push through the hardened soil, sometimes persevere around a stone. While some of us may love the coziness of winter and the more inward time, we can hold ourselves back by remaining inward and sheltered, but we must keep on growing and blossoming in whichever way that looks for YOU.

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