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The Deepening of Darker Days

We're entering into the darkest days of the year, and while the holidays may keep us busy, I invite you to experience the holiness of the dark days. When we align ourselves with the seasons, we not only align ourselves with the natural world for a deeper connection, but we align ourselves with the soul of the earth where the powers of transformation are vast. During the dark days bef While cultures across the world have maintained traditions of gathering and celebration at this time of year, perhaps as a remedy for the darkness, allowing ourselves to sink into the stillness has much to offer. Mystics and earth based cultures see this time as the cradle that holds the sun, preparing for its

The Healing Magic of Essential Oils

I've been using This summer, Ric had a very sharp chisel slip, leaving a significant gash across his stomach that in hindsight should have had stitches. I immediately reached for my lavender oil and put it right on the open wound and then covered it with bandages. I continued this for a couple days until Ric had had enough of smelling like a flower. The wound had very little to no redness around it and was not sensitive to the touch; it healed beautifully! Lavender is also very good for burns. I've applied it directly to burns to help heal and relieve the sensitivity. It's also great mixed with a bit of water and poured into a spray bottle for relieving sunburns.

It's NOT the Chocolate!

My primary area of self-exploration over the past 22 years has been with the union of opposites, frequently referred to as the Sacred Marriage. It's been an exploration fueled by the Lover archetype's longing to understand the mysteries, a persistent desire to discover the truth. The interesting thing about the Lover archetype is that its primary characteristic is its inherent longing that leads the way to continually search. The only problem is that it can lead us to many things trying to satisfy our longing. Food, relationships, chocolate, money, alcohol, other substances, or the next new technological device can lead us astray, momentarily satisfying our endless quest to fulfill our

The Heart of Faith

What is faith? The dictionary describes it as an unwavering confidence or trust in something or someone. I read an article recently, and I apologize that I don't remember the details, but it was talking about the phrase, "faith can move mountains". The story was about a village that didn't have access to a hospital because a mountain stood in their way. There was a man who had a wife that had an ongoing illness and he knew that he needed to be able to get a certain kind of medicine for her and that it was on the other side of the mountain. So he set off to make a road going over the mountain and eventually other people in the village began to help. Some might think this is a story of p

Healing Pain

Healing Pain Every pain we have, whether it's physical body pain or emotional heartache, has a story that involves our past. Our bodies are like a library of stories, some really wonderful and some not so wonderful. It's the not so wonderful stories in our lives that get our attention by creating pain in our bodies or in our hearts so that we can heal these stories, perhaps write a final chapter to the story, or maybe even see the story with new eyes and completely change our perspective of the story. Often times, when I'm working with my clients, whether it's over the phone or in person, I hear the stories, beliefs or feelings that are being held in a particular area of their bodies. W

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