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When Isis Screams

The burning of Notre Dame has seized me completely and she is all I have thought about this week.

I was heartbroken when I first saw the flames blazing through the steeple of the Notre Dame in Paris. Such a magnificent, historical and sacred landmark gone. But at the same time, I was surprised to feel something much deeper being freed, unchained, unearthed, released and I can only assume that it's the much older religion of Isis that lay beneath this enormous structure.

Like many cathedrals in France, they are built on top of the sacred sites, stone circles and temples, of the Celtic and Druid people that worshiped Isis and the Temple of Venus years before Christianity was born. You might find this offensive, or a crime, but this has been done for thousands and thousands of years. Newer religions and people of power built over top of the old temples and monuments and areas of worship as a way to claim their power for the new era they represented.

However, I have to say, never before has there been a religion so wide spread and so influential to the hearts and minds of mankind as Christianity. As we enter an era that demands truth and authenticity, we see old power structures crumble and we see lies and deceit revealed, as the truth is set free.

So while my heart was breaking as I watched Notre Dame fall in a blaze of a hot purification witnessed by the entire world, at the same time, I heard Isis screaming. I heard the Black Madonna screaming. I heard Aphrodite, Inanna, Ereshkigal, and Lilith screaming along with the raging fire. They were screaming for truth. They were being set free.

A lot is being asked of us right now. We are being pushed and called to unearth our own ancient roots. We've spent life times learning our way through the patriarchal world while keeping our ancient roots hidden, laying dormant in the shadows of our own psyche. But no more.

Isis is screaming to all of us to wake up. To take up the sword of truth and reclaim our ancient lineage and power.

I know some of you are still contemplating coming on the Sacred Journey to Ireland. Let the fires of Notre Dame burn away your resistance, your hesitation, your fears and say YES - if not to a powerful journey into the heartland of ancient roots and the Goddess traditions, then to whatever you are being called to do.

Fear is always at the threshold of change and power - ALWAYS. It's just the way it is. Trust the Dark Mother. Trust the Goddess. Fall into her arms and give permission for your true Self to rise out of darkness and into the light.

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