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It's NOT the Chocolate!

My primary area of self-exploration over the past 22 years has been with the union of opposites, frequently referred to as the Sacred Marriage. It's been an exploration fueled by the Lover archetype's longing to understand the mysteries, a persistent desire to discover the truth. The interesting thing about the Lover archetype is that its primary characteristic is its inherent longing that leads the way to continually search. The only problem is that it can lead us to many things trying to satisfy our longing. Food, relationships, chocolate, money, alcohol, other substances, or the next new technological device can lead us astray, momentarily satisfying our endless quest to fulfill our longing.

But this longing, this craving, if followed to the end, will lead us to self-realization and home to the source. If we're willing to continually excavate our longing, it will lead us to the sacred.

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