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The Nature Year and the Dance of the Dissident Daughter

I hope you all had a wonderful fall equinox. We haven’t had any internet for the past several days, along with the rest of central NY and other states across the country. Perhaps it’s nature’s way of forcing us to bring balance into our lives. Because I’m so late sending out this newsletter, I am already feeling the shift from the balance of the Equinox to the approaching darker days. And that is what’s coming through. A very important fall season that we’re entering into where we may find ourselves in situations that we once turned away from, but can no longer. Or where we once kept silent, but will no longer. This Nature Year’s message as we move towards the darker days is to learn to get comfortable with the inner unsettledness, the itch that we can’t get to, like a grain of sand that we rub against. It’s chaos herself, battling with our sense of order, rubbing against us in her unruly ways, stirring things up, challenging our comfort that we find in order and routine. Is this the dance of the dissident daughter? The wild self tumbling in with a cloud of dust? Her energy brings a sense of discomfort, an opposing force to inner peace and contentment. She is what we try to ignore. We feel her moving closer and respond by reaching for something to distract us. We reach for our phone, we turn on a movie, we scour the kitchen for something salty or sugary, anything to calm the turbulence brewing within. We can only numb her, and turn away from her for so long, until she comes roaring back again and again, relentless in her pursuit to get our attention. How do we integrate her? Befriend her? How do we have a relationship with chaos without trying to control her? Do we dance with her? Do we enter into her dust bowl and let her rearrange our lives? Tear away at our attachments? Do we allow ourselves to lose our footing? I say YES, YES! We must allow her to take over, even for just a moment. Put on some music and dance with her. Go outdoors and let the fall winds carry away what you no longer need. Howl to the moon. Write poetry, paint, mold clay - ANYTHING other than drugging her and lulling her back to sleep. Let her have expression in your life. She’s not here to ruin your life. She’s here to bring balance, passion, joy, juiciness and change.


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