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The Gateway to the Heart

Growing and Healing through Relationships, Part lll The Gateway to the Heart Our defenses that we learn as a young child sabotage our experience to connect and be intimate with others. As I’ve mentioned in my previous blog posts, so many of our patterns have originated during childhood. This is why I don’t find talk therapy to be all that beneficial. Patterns exist for many reasons, and some of them may be never understood but that doesn’t mean they can’t be changed. Understa We may have well-established defenses to protect our hearts from getting hurt and feeling vulnerable. And the walls we put up around our heart become apparent in our personal relationships as we desire to be closer, mo

Finding Your Power in Relationships

Growing and Healing through Relationships, Part II. Finding YOUR Power A common challenge in relationships is maintaining your sense of self and not losing your identity and yourself to the relationship. In the beginning of relationships our best and most flexible selves show up and we spend time enjoying being with one another and experiencing the other person and their life. But what so easily happens, is we establish co-dependent cords and our patterns, which are most often family patterns, begin to take hold. We exchange energy, supporting one another where the other may have fears and this is all done unconsciously. It results in our power being compromised. But like with every experien

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