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The Heart Becoming

"What calls to us, calls to our dream set within our soul before we were born." This is a beautiful quote by Michael Meade. This is why I refer to my Sacred Journey to Egypt as a calling. A calling is different. You don't understand it, and how could you? The call comes from your soul and the many layers of your energy body that is encoded with who you are meant to become. This is why you can not make rational sense out of the experience you are called to do because your rational mind only knows what it has already experienced. It knows nothing of what is yet to be. The sacred sites, such as Egypt, that were active spiritual power centers through out the world, are the earth's chakra

The Egyptian Hieroglyphs

The Egyptian hieroglyphs were more than "religious writings". They depicted the pathways of initiation and told a story that held the secrets to embodying a different consciousness. Initiates would spend hours sitting in front of the hieroglyphs being infused with a new "story" that would literally begin to forge new neural pathways in their brain. For us, the consciousness held in the frequency of the hieroglyphs is relevant today and can help us shift from a place of struggle and inner conflict to a place of much greater ease. It's such a different way to heal than talk therapy where we can only talk about what we know. We can spend years talking about the same issue developing a greater

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