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The Heart Becoming

"What calls to us, calls to our dream set within our soul before we were born." This is a beautiful quote by Michael Meade. This is why I refer to my Sacred Journey to Egypt as a calling. A calling is different. You don't understand it, and how could you? The call comes from your soul and the many layers of your energy body that is encoded with who you are meant to become. This is why you can not make rational sense out of the experience you are called to do because your rational mind only knows what it has already experienced. It knows nothing of what is yet to be.

The sacred sites, such as Egypt, that were active spiritual power centers through out the world, are the earth's chakra points where a concentrated and more powerful energy exists. The ancients were well-tuned into these places and knew how to harness this energy by grounding the cosmic forces down into the earth's energy centers. This is one of the reasons why Egypt is such a powerful place and can activate your field of energy that would otherwise have no means to collapse into physical reality. The points of activation pierce through our blocks and awaken the dormant self, supporting your becoming more of who you are.

Over the years, I've taken workshops and classes and they've been great. I've come home with another piece of the puzzle to my life's picture with a thousand pieces. But my trips to sacred sites over the past 20 years have given me far more than a piece of the puzzle. They have given me a whole new picture, a new paradigm, a whole new me. I have become the dreamer as opposed to an aspect of what has been dreamed.

I remember having a session once with a very gifted seer and she told me that I came very close to "becoming" who I was meant to be in another lifetime. In that moment, I could feel in every part of my being that in another lifetime, I had somehow held myself back from this journey. I hadn't been willing to face the fears, trust in the death of self and cross the threshold that called to me. I knew right there and then, that there was nothing that was going to stop me this time around. I've imagined laying on my death bed and the immense grief I would feel knowing that I had so many opportunities and that I let the small things in life get in the way of becoming all that I could be. A lifetime of opportunities gone. I was not about to let that happen again.

This is a seeker's passion and drive. The heart becoming all that it can possibly become. Constantly unfolding and peeling back the petals to reveal an even greater self. A hunger for "the truth", for wisdom, for that moment in time where you are graced with the presence of the Divine and your heart is filled, everything else drops away and you know that you are part of something so much bigger. You're enveloped in the mysteries, swimming in a sea that only other seekers, the mystics have ever known.

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