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The Sacred Marriage

The Sacred Marriage What started out as a feeling, a thought, or a seed of consciousness when I was 29 years old, spoke so strongly to my heart that I have persevered all these years(I'm now 57!). I've traveled to sacred sites through out the world, searching and seeking parts of myself, weaving myself back to wholeness like Isis with Osiris. I faced my fears of losing a child, losing my husband and ultimately losing myself - all the while getting re-shaped, dismantled, and transformed - brought to my knees, each time requiring me to surrender to something greater that I couldn't yet see or feel in any tangible sort of way. I had moments encountering sacred union - first with the Dark Godd

The Solstice Bride

I walk down the deer-trodden path Feeling the morning mist caress my skin Flowers and summer leaves envelop me Their sweet perfume, intoxicating I'm cloaked in the bride's robe I feel its weight upon my shoulders Its fine weave speaks to my prominence I feel your warmth welcoming me I see your bright light shining Your love is for me and only me I spent the year in darkness, waiting, preparing And here you are Meeting me, your bride at the forest's altar Gather me in your arms bright one Melt away my fears You are mine and I am yours In sacred union, we are the Divine One The Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year is upon us. The light of consciousness shines bright, inviting you to g

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