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The Sacred Marriage

The Sacred Marriage

What started out as a feeling, a thought, or a seed of consciousness when I was 29 years old, spoke so strongly to my heart that I have persevered all these years(I'm now 57!). I've traveled to sacred sites through out the world, searching and seeking parts of myself, weaving myself back to wholeness like Isis with Osiris. I faced my fears of losing a child, losing my husband and ultimately losing myself - all the while getting re-shaped, dismantled, and transformed - brought to my knees, each time requiring me to surrender to something greater that I couldn't yet see or feel in any tangible sort of way.

I had moments encountering sacred union - first with the Dark Goddess, second with another person and third with the natural world - all leaving me speechless, forever changed and with renewed faith that I was on the right path.

Often, I would try as hard as I could to repeat the experiences of union, most often believing the experience needed to be with another person, but soon realized that it wasn't about repeating, it was about continuing to move forward experiencing union in other ways.

There have been years where my faith was tested as I slipped into a sort of spiritual lull. Only to discover, what I thought was a lull, was a time of deep transformation.

This past year, actually on my birthday in 2018, the Egyptian god Sobek came to me. He's the god of the Nile, an ancient deity that goes back to the beginning of mankind. I visited his temple in meditations, each time feeling so comfortable, like returning home. Later, as I was putting together the Sacred Journey to Ireland, I began working with the Cailleach, another ancient deity - a goddess of great antiquity.

So while I spent most of last year, deep in the Underworld, I am coming out the other side. A few days before the Summer Solstice I spent two days with intense heat coursing through my body, burning away the old paradigm, with a crippling migraine and nausea. And then, on the day before the Summer Solstice, I encountered a consciousness that revealed to me that she was new to this world - a consciousness that is here to create a new earth. While at first, communicating was challenging - "she" would press her fingers to my third eye and I would receive images - it's now getting easier. Here is a message that came through.

I am magic

I am nature

The primal life force of all that is

I am here to transform

I burn through the old paradigm

Sending waves like shock waves out across the earth, clearing the way.

We've been encapsulated with thoughts and beliefs

That have held this planet hostage.

Through you(humans) we weave a new way.

Only through embodiment can this be achieved

As you are the living bridge.

Your movement needs to be directed by our guidance to achieve this.

Up until now you've only had glimpses of the magic in this world

But now you'll open fully to it over time and see the true earth.

So now, after so many years of dedication to the path, fifteen years of being a student in my mentor, Helena Shik's mystery school, The Ambassadors of Light School, and several years of The Servants of Light mystery school, I am understanding the true meaning of the Sacred Marriage by embodiment.

I only hope to serve others walking on the path as well as my teachers have served me. I'm currently working on online courses to pass on the mystery traditions and initiations that guide seekers on the path of Sacred Union and incarnated spirituality. It's time for us as human beings to unlock our full potential and experience heaven on earth and the true magic of the world we live in.

I will be writing more about this in my next couple of newsletters. Until then, I hope you're enjoying your summer and finding time to smell the flowers, walk barefoot on earth's carpet and receive in the abundance that is all around us.

Blessings on your journey, Trista

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