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The Power of Holy Basil

I had been feeling the presence of negativity - an internal dialogue that was relentlessly trying to get my attention. I knew I needed to lean into whatever this was, but finding time to do so was difficult. I've been managing the renovations of our cabins with little time to myself to contemplate. But eventually, all gave way and I found myself sitting in my sanctuary upstairs in our house looking at all my oils. I reached for one, and sat down to meditate, inhaling the sweet, yet somewhat spicy aroma of the oil.

It was Holy Basil. An oil that is known to help you align with your Divine Nature.

I didn't realize at the time just how perfect this oil was for the work I was needing to do. It's an oil that helps to energetically dismantle your old life and all the threads that prevent you from fully moving on. An old, stubborn pattern that was intertwined with my relationship with my husband. I did nothing more than commit to meditating everyday with Holy Basil. And within just a couple of days, I experienced the negative internal dialogue fade and witnessed the dissolving of an old pattern as both my husband's and my energy and creative inspirations increased. It was the final threads that tied us both to a past that had many challenges and disappointments.

I feel this is a good oil for many of us these days. As we shift towards abundance, the old patterns of survival begin to loosen. And by this, I mean, they come out of the shadows and more in the forefront to get our attention. And even though we are aware and conscious of the old pattern, this year, especially, is a time to embrace the somatic experience and release the past still clinging to our physical bodies.

Holy Basil calls forth your Divine Nature, and in the process, everything that's not in alignment, is released. It's spicy aroma dissolves into your energy field like a shimmering green light, invigorating your own Divine life force. What a wonderful oil for these times!


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