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The Deepening of Darker Days

We're entering into the darkest days of the year, and while the holidays may keep us busy, I invite you to experience the holiness of the dark days.

When we align ourselves with the seasons, we not only align ourselves with the natural world for a deeper connection, but we align ourselves with the soul of the earth where the powers of transformation are vast.

During the dark days bef

ore the Winter Solstice, the earth enters into a state of stillness. And as we've been experiencing in the Northeast, winter has arrived with snow and much colder days inviting us to cuddle up and keep our hearth fires burning.

While cultures across the world have maintained traditions of gathering and celebration at this time of year, perhaps as a remedy for the darkness, allowing ourselves to sink into the stillness has much to offer. Mystics and earth based cultures see this time as the cradle that holds the sun, preparing for its return on the Solstice.

So what does this mean for us? This time of year provides an opportunity for us to cradle ourselves, in preparation for our own seed of light. While the seed of light can be experienced as an "AHA" moment, the dark days leading up to the Solstice is a good time to consciously create your cradle or container.

How can you love yourself deeper than before? How can you empower yourself in new ways? What type of container do you need that will support a spring birthing of your beautiful self? More gentleness? Stronger boundaries? Better self care? I invite you to sit in stillness during the dark days and gift yourself with beauty so that YOUR seed of light can be born of love. Have a wonderful holiday season and a journey filled with many treasures! Trista

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