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The Gifts of the Magi - Spiritual Elixirs for our Time

More often referred to as the Three Wise Men, the Magi were master alchemists. The story we're most familiar with is their journey across the desert following the guidance of the stars leading them to the birth of a future king. And not just any king, the king of kings, referring to a king not of this world, but a king that brings with him his own kingdom of new consciousness. Now we can look at this story as an actual birth of a remarkable human being gifted with so many powers. And from this viewpoint, I can see the importance of the Magi gifts. I can imagine, being the masters they were, reading the stars from an astrological point of view, and understanding that the birth of Jesus was the birth of a magus himself - one of the shining ones, a star being. And with this, I can imagine their gifts were to help assist baby Jesus across the threshold of birth - to assist him in staying awake and connected to his star consciousness. Gold because it carries the power of true kingship. Frankincense because it carries the power of priesthood, and Myrrh, because it carries the power of the Great Mother who bears witness to suffering and death. It seems to me, that the Magi recognized the new born baby as a king, a spiritual priest, as well as his path of suffering and early death. We can also look at this story and apply it to an initiation. I remember my teacher Helena telling me that the child sitting on the mother's lap was not Jesus, but instead, symbolized the birth of new consciousness. And this truly is what the Winter Solstice represents - the birth of new consciousness, awareness, understanding - the great AHA moments. The birth of the sun, represented in the story as a son. So perhaps the gifts of the Magi are magical elixirs that we too can use to assist in the birthing of our own light this time of year. To further dive into this, I turn towards the teachings of the Tree of Life. The birthing of new consciousness takes place at the top of the tree referred to as the Supernal Triangle. There are three Sephiroh that make up the three points of the triangle. They are Binah, Chokmah and Kheter being the very top of the tree - the ultimate place of oneness with the All. It's the threshold of birth. The gateway where souls enter upon birth, and a place where we return upon death, whether physical or by initiation. Another interesting tidbit, while the story only refers to three magi or wise men, other texts say there were 12. Also interesting, the supernal triangle at the top of the tree is symbolized by 12 zodiac, 12 knights of the round table, 12 apostles, AND 12 stars on Mary's crown. So when I hear this story of the three Magi, I can not help but to feel this is a story we can apply to our own journey of ascension. Gold is associated with Kheter at the very top of the tree because of it's high, high vibration. It's what crowns are made of. And Frankincense is an oil and an incense that helps to awaken us to our spiritual gifts. And Myrrh is one of the Myrrhophore oils often used during death. You might wonder why would a death oil be used at the time of birth? Birth and death are very intertwined. When we are born into this world, there is a death of self and the remembrance of who we truly are. And when we leave this world, we are born into another. The Great Mother sits in the Sephiroh of Binah. She weeps tears of joy when a soul returns to remembering their greatness and their divinity. And she weeps as the soul incarnates and separates from their divinity. These are the types of conversations we have in the Sacred Oil Alchemy classes. The oils have traditionally been used for inhalation and anointing to stimulate different parts of the brain. The Myrrhophores were Magi themselves - master alchemists, and well-trained in the power of oils for ascension, exploring realms beyond the physical and various modes of healing. With the Solstice only days away, I'm going to gift myself with Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh, and prepare for the birth of the sun, both within and in the winter sky. I invite you to do this as well. Let's see what magic we can stir up!


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