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The Dark Mother

As an archetypal figure, the Dark Mother is one of the more powerful ones, in my opinion. I stumbled upon her 18 years ago during my first trip to France. Referred to as the Black Madonna, she is found as a Madonna statue made of dark wood and highly revered by many seeking healing at the old temples and cathedrals.

I was raised Christian and the archetype of Mother Mary, the way she was depicted by the Christian religion, had a powerful impact on me growing up. Her gentleness, purity and obscure power conveyed to me as a young girl, that that was what a woman should be. Not being exposed to many other kinds of archetypes as a child, this image of Mother Mary was the only image I had.

I have a much deeper understanding of the Mother Mary archetype than I did then and I love her power. But all I can say is, I'm so thankful for having found the Dark Mother or the Black Madonna. She helped to balance out my ways of being feminine. She helped me to be okay, well more than okay, with the other side of me that was earthy, passionate and ferocious at times. I had denied this part of myself thinking it must not be acceptable, but my search for sinking my roots deep in the earth and creating a passionate life and having a powerful voice brought me right to the feet of the Dark Mother.

It was one of the most powerful initiations that I ever encountered. Her fierceness worked its way through me and helped me to change my life from the inside out. She helped me to break old family patterns that inhibited my power as a woman and she helped me to mother my children from a very deep and intuitive place. She helped me to face fear and to trust in the power of truth.

I've since helped guide many women and men through this initiation and it's been a joy to see each person find their voice, a deeper truth, and a creative life. It's not an easy initiation because it challenges every belief system you have. It forces you to let go and to get turned inside out. But it's so well worth it. While the Dark Mother is fierce, she's also a powerful earth mother that will nourish you to the very core.

So if change is knocking on your door and you're having a hard time letting go and perhaps feeling a lot of resistance or fear, call on the Dark Mother. If you're stuck in a situation that is difficult, hurtful, or seems too big for you to handle, call on the Dark Mother. She will provide you with the strength and fierceness you need to overcome any obstacle and bring change to your life. Blessings!

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