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The Power of Sacred Oils for Healing Trauma

There is a growing awareness of the different ways trauma effects the quality of our lives, from emotional upset, to fight or flight responses, to chronic pain. But trauma can also show up in very subtle ways - lack of joy, feeling like you're hiding, feeling like you're just not quite living your fullest life, or experiencing the level of intimacy you long for.

Many of us who have worked on healing our Divine feminine nature discover a degree of trauma from being born into a world that is harsh and demanding, uncompromising, and dishonoring of nature's creative harmony and her rhythms. Rather than being an event or situation that is traumatic, this type of trauma is slow, long-lasting, and can easily go unnoticed until, at some point, you begin to realize that you're not fully living your potential.

And what can be even more challenging is that our feminine nature inherently remembers a time when the world was more balanced. A time when we lived in community, grew food together, sang and danced together, cared for children and the elderly, together. Our longing for this world may persist as an ache in our hearts, or perhaps buried beneath hopelessness, despair, or maybe we just chose to forget, because it was too painful to remember.

All of this is a form of trauma, and there are many healing modalities available today, so much more so than just 10 years ago. Even though I've worked with many modalities, I keep returning to Sacred Oils, over and over again.

Because the molecules of sacred oils can pass through the blood brain barrier, they are instrumental in helping to heal trauma which is held in the Limbic region of our brain. From my perspective, the oils open doorways into the trauma, helping us to access the root of trauma, healing our nervous system's response and replacing the patterns of survival with healing memories that rejuvenate our entire system and well-being. The oils have a direct effect on the amygdala where our fight/flight responses are held.

I feel this is why so many women are being called to discover the ancient practices of working with the oils today. We have the opportunity to usher in a whole new era, and humanity has never needed us more.

In my sacred oil class that I held over the winter, the students' work with the oils was profound, from healing soul wounds, to healing trauma, to soul retrieval work. And they're carrying this work out into the world in so many different ways to help free others from the burdens they carry so as to experience more joy, more creativity and emotional freedom.

What a different world it would be if the majority of humanity experienced joy, inner peace and an overall sense of well-being and security. I feel a deep exhale when I imagine a world more relaxed and more kind, free from the patterns of survival. A thriving world for all.


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