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Alchemy & Ascension

We are approaching a threshold to an unprecedented awakening and transformation. Truly, the threshold to living in a new world. But this doesn't just happen. We have to choose it. We have to choose to let go of our old stories, dissolve the heavy burdens we've become accustomed to carrying, and step into the "future" with renewed faith, hope and love.

This isn't an easy task since the old patterns of survival and struggle and fear are deeply rooted and have had their grip on us from the time of birth.

We need tools that work.

As many of you may know, I offer Sacred Oil Alchemy classes throughout the year. Many of the people I work with are practitioners; nurses, reiki masters, physician assistants and death doulas.

However, many of the people who take this class are taking it to enhance their personal journey. To deepen their sense of self and gain clarity on the path as a spiritual seeker.

And the oils do just that.

Stubborn patterns and old trauma are often dissolved by the use of sacred oils. An acceleration of consciousness happens and suddenly you're future opens up to you in a way that is clear and certain. Grief turns to joy. Struggle turns to ease. Loneliness turns to deep and profound connection.

The use of sacred oils and anointing is an age-old practice, and Mary Magdalene was well-known as a master of their use. She is often depicted in paintings, as are many masters of ascension, along with a jar of oil. These countless images point to the fact that sacred oils and the use of fragrance was one of the key ascension tools used by ascended masters, particularly Jesus in helping him to maintain the essence of his light body while here on earth.

Perhaps this is the very essence of the Golden Age that is upon us --a profound shift from a deep immersion in the material world to a state of expansion into the light body. It would make sense as to why the use of sacred oils has returned to our consciousness --a valuable tool to helps us ascend.

Trista Haggerty offers classes in Sacred Oil Alchemy. Click HERE to find out about her summer class offering.


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