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The Solstice Bride

I walk down the deer-trodden path

Feeling the morning mist caress my skin

Flowers and summer leaves envelop me

Their sweet perfume, intoxicating

I'm cloaked in the bride's robe

I feel its weight upon my shoulders

Its fine weave speaks to my prominence

I feel your warmth welcoming me

I see your bright light shining

Your love is for me and only me

I spent the year in darkness, waiting, preparing

And here you are

Meeting me, your bride at the forest's altar

Gather me in your arms bright one

Melt away my fears

You are mine and I am yours

In sacred union, we are the Divine One

The Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year is upon us. The light of consciousness shines bright, inviting you to grow and blossom. What may have been an idea, a thought or a small seed during the Winter Solstice, is now reaching its time of fullness and potential achieved.

This is the time of year when I experience the AHA moments, and sometimes the unveiling of a part of me that had been hiding in the realm of my unconsciousness.

Take time to notice your subtle or not so subtle moments of insight, clarity, or reveal. It's significant, and noticing it is like giving a flower water on a hot summer day or extra fertilizer that helps you to come into full bloom.

This is the time for you to show up in a way that's different than in the winter. Winter requires us to be patient and present - nurturing ourselves into wholeness. But summer requires us to embrace visibility - to step out into the light of day or the spotlight and reveal our true selves.

What will you do to celebrate your blossoming - your true colors? What does it look like for you to receive in the Sun and your own solar divinity? Will you allow it in? Will you surrender to it? Will you enter into the age-old dance of sacred union?

Something I've noticed over the years, our relationship with the Summer Solstice and the solar consciousness is often influenced by our relationship with our fathers. Fathers in a sense are the archetypal force of solar consciousness and if we didn't get their shining rays in the form of praise, love and adoration, we often turn away from solar consciousness.

If this is the case for you, redo your story and let the power of this season shine upon you. Know your worth and blossom like the magnificent rose you are.

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