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The Egyptian Hieroglyphs

The Egyptian hieroglyphs were more than "religious writings". They depicted the pathways of initiation and told a story that held the secrets to embodying a different consciousness. Initiates would spend hours sitting in front of the hieroglyphs being infused with a new "story" that would literally begin to forge new neural pathways in their brain. For us, the consciousness held in the frequency of the hieroglyphs is relevant today and can help us shift from a place of struggle and inner conflict to a place of much greater ease. It's such a different way to heal than talk therapy where we can only talk about what we know. We can spend years talking about the same issue developing a greater understanding but never encountering real change.

TRANSFORMATION is what the ancient Egyptians were all about and they understood that this could only take place through the body. While other philosophies taught ascension practices that were essentially leaving the body, the Egyptians embraced the body. They had several different ways for initiates to transform and gain higher consciousness, all of which was about the embodied experience.

Like mythology, the stories conveyed by the hieroglyphs guide the initiate through the union of different aspects of self so wholeness can be achieved. The images speak to our subconscious mind in a way that words can't and hold a frequency that over time is infused in one's being. I imagine this took many hours and days of dedication to sit in front of the hieroglyphs, letting go of expectations, the force of the will and ultimately allow yourself to surrender.

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