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Weaving a New World and the Grail Path

As we approach the threshold to weaving a new world, nature and the feminine aspect pursues us. For some she may whisper in your ear guiding you in a new direction. For others, your lives may be dismantled through multiple means. But rest assured, she strives to bring balance to your life. She is the flow we've resisted. She is the flow we have stepped away from. Call her manna, or mother earth, the divine feminine or the goddess -- she is the cauldron or the cup aspect of the Grail path.

For far too long, humanity has wielded the sword and only the sword. A dangerous path as the sword without the cup becomes destructive. It becomes overpowering, pompous, selfish, domineering and leaves those in its wake, tired, exhausted, wounded, and a slave to its power. Sound familiar?

Examining our lives closely, we discover how we've been on the illusory treadmill of life, continually striving but left with the feeling of never having gotten anywhere. It's time to throw a wrench in this forward motion, to listen to our inner voice and feel our own impoverished soul.

It's time for your cup to be filled. She brings in the balance where the sword becomes the protector with the sharp edge to cut away what no longer serves you. This looks like healthy boundaries protecting your decisions to take more time to rest, or create, and nourish yourself so your cup is filled.

This is what weaving a new world requires of us. The threshold we stand on is a doorway to experiencing life on earth in a completely new way -- to experience abundant joy, love and peace. And I believe, self-care and connecting with nature are two of the most important steps we can take.

Some of you may think that this sounds like work. But that's the old thought paradigm, making a job out of everything we do. This is more about allowing a space in your life for something new to enter. Stepping out of the way, without having to figure everything out. Remember, she is pursuing you and all you have to do is make a space for her.

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