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The Power of Initiation

I was recently asked the question why someone(me) would travel all the way to Egypt or any other faraway sacred site for healing as opposed to go to therapy or alternative healing. This is a great question and one that I get asked often. And it's such a reasonable question, because, certainly, it's a lot cheaper, MAYBE, to go once a week to therapy or to try all sorts of different healing modalities.

However, based on my experience of trying all of the above over the past 30 years of pursuing healing and personal growth, traditional therapy can often take years to produce real change and talk therapy often ends up with a great intellectual understanding of what is going on for you. Understanding something intellectually doesn't create change. It's not transformative. And going to an energy worker often times will help you as most people who do energy work are great at opening up blocks and shifting energy. But this doesn't always mean you'll experience lasting change.

WHY? Because your life has been created from a very detailed energetic blue print that consists of your past wounds, beliefs, trauma, and thought patterns. More often than not, people try to solve their problems within this construct and it's very limiting. And if you have healing work done to remove blocks and open up new energy channels without an understanding of the wounds or beliefs that have created the blocks, then there's a pretty good chance that you'll go right back to your original patterns because you unknowingly continue with the same responses in your life.

Changing your response in situations is one of the ways to create lasting change. It's the tiniest of moments when the same old situation comes up that when we choose to respond differently creates the most dramatic change. Because in that moment, when we choose a different response, we are literally forging new neural pathways in our brain and this creates lasting change.

This is a big part of initiation work. To see a pattern and to know what your "task at hand" is and to take action. This work is what always proceeds the actual initiation that happens at sacred sites. It's the preparation so that by the time you're standing on a powerful vortex in the middle of a stone circle, or lying in the sarcophagus at the top of the King's chamber in Egypt, your energy body that has yet to collapse into your consciousness becomes activated. It's not about understanding or knowing, it's about taking precise action and becoming.

I could have never done any of this work through traditional therapy because I didn't even know these parts of myself existed. I would have only been able to talk about what I know. But going through initiation at sacred sites is something so powerful and so life changing. We are so much more than we know.

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