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The Initiated Leader

I've been thinking a lot about leadership lately. It's not because of the political campaigning that 's going on, this is something I've been thinking about for a long time. Although, this year's campaigning does provide a perfect example for what I've been thinking about.

As many of you know, I spent 20 years traveling to sacred sites and studying at the ancient mystery schools. The training I went through provided me with a completely different type of leadership skills. It involved going through initiations where rather than being taught knowledge, you "come" to the knowledge through your own evolving and it's knowledge the mystery schools have preserved for thousands of years solely for the purpose of humanity and humanity's evolution.

When I look at today's leaders, particularly the politicians, I see uninitiated leaders. They aren't trained to develop integrity, to understand natural law, or to align with humanity's higher purpose.

I see a whole new type of leadership emerging and one that I believe where women are most gifted. It involves collaboration, connection, intuition and alignment with a higher purpose. We are sometimes the "invisible leaders" because we're that good at collaborating and supporting and empowering others where we aren't standing on any type of hierarchical platform.

It also involves standing in your truth, not in a way to prove a point, but more to show another way, to lead by example. This type of leadership is so effective for bringing about change because it's not about teaching others your beliefs or trying to change someone's thinking or mind. It's about holding a different consciousness for others to experience. Many of the mystery schools refer to this as being a "light bringer" or "servant of light" or "ambassador of light".

Many people don't see themselves as leaders because we're so used to the definition of a leader as being someone who can take charge, be really visible, get everyone to follow them and have a loud voice. But I see the moms, raising their children and following their intuition even when it goes against the norm as leaders for change. I see women who find themselves in a male dominated environment and standing strong in their feminine nature as leaders. I see people who through their own self-empowerment show their partners a new consciousness as leaders, the entrepreneurs who are creating companies and doing business in a way that fosters collaboration and supports a mission beyond making money as leaders and I see teenagers who say no to drugs and drinking as leaders among their peers.

These are the most powerful leaders because everyday they're creating change and it begins from the inside out.

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