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Seeking What Your Soul Desires

When we begin to really listen to what our soul desires, we set off on a journey, a path that is guided only by the soul. There is no rational explanation nor is it an intellectual endeavor, but instead, a yearning, a longing so deep and so powerful it feels like your life depends on it. Over the 25 years that I've been a seeker, I've returned over and over again to my soul's desire. I touch upon it sometimes with clear understanding and other times, I'm reminded of my desire by a faint whisper. Each time I connect with my intimate desire, it fuels me along the path reminding me that above all else, I need to hold this desire in my heart and never let it go. I must not abandon my desire, or give-up, or tell myself it's impossible.

My soul's desire is the Sacred Marriage - the ultimate union of heaven and earth. It has been so, ever since 1993. I talked about it even when I truly did not understand what it meant. It was a feeling - a feeling that was so strong, I traveled the world seeking answers. I discovered over the years that there are many paths of initiation and many ways that union is met. I spent countless hours creating an inner map for union - A map that I created along the way that reveals the path to reclaim the Divine Feminine and invite in the Sacred Masculine and to enter into union with nature.

And 26 years later, I am still seeking the many ways we can dissolve boundaries, heal separation and experience union with the Divine so beautifully expressed in others, animals and all the beauty in nature.

This past year, my soul's desire has shifted. My soul longs to be seen by the people dearest to me - to reveal the priestess - to lift the veil and come out of hiding. To many I don't appear hidden, quite the opposite. But it's one thing to create a business and be visible on facebook, or a webinar or a podcast. It's quite another to lift the veil and allow others, anyone, to see the face of your soul, your most vulnerable and ancient self. No mask, no false persona, no place to hide.

We do not want to lift the veil for everyone for the veil provides a protection that is necessary. Yet for those most dear to us, our partner, our lover, we crave to be seen and even more so, we crave to offer our gifts to them.

What is it your soul desires? What is it your heart aches for? What feels like life or death - the very thing that if you don't accomplish or experience in this life time will haunt you on your death bed?

Dig deep for the time has come to seek what your soul desires.

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