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The Return of Merlin

Every archetype has its season. They rise and fall, rise and fall as humanity's collective need and desire for change calls them back. I wrote about this a few years ago as I witnessed the rise of the Dark Goddess and the rise of Mary Magdalene. They're archetypes that imbue qualities we long to ignite within us.

The other day, I read a published article regarding old texts recently discovered that talk about Merlin. It's interesting how old writings and texts show up after being hidden for hundreds of years, sometimes thousands. It's as if our own growing consciousness stirs them awake and unveils them for all to see.

So I wondered, is Merlin being beckoned? He was, in a sense, the last man standing when all else was crumbling around him. He was the one that stood in truth and light when everyone else had succumbed to darkness. Merlin was also the one who knew, no matter what, that he must find a true king to lead the people out of darkness. He also was the only one at that time who bridged the two worlds, one of man and one of the earth Goddess, the Otherworld, or Tuatha de Danann as the Irish say.

Merlin wasn't looking for just any king. He knew that to restore the land, he needed to find a king that would do the bidding of the Goddess. That the true king would be the only one to pull the sword from the stone. In other words, the true king would be chosen by the Goddess. He would lead for the good of all humanity and the earth.

Perhaps this is why Merlin is returning. He is calling back all the true kings. The king within us who desires to be in service to humanity, not just for ourselves. And also the elemental kings. Merlin is also calling us to be the bridges as he was, between the realm of humans and the realm of nature and the Goddess so that we can work in cooperation.

Imagine how different the world would be if we healed the separation between the world of humans and the world of nature and her elemental beings. We'd no longer tread upon the earth blindly destroying her. Instead, we'd see her for what she truly is - the physical embodiment of the Divine.

I invite you to take a moment and sit with this feeling. The earth as the physical manifestation of the Divine. Heaven - a place many have been striving to reach when they die, only to discover we've been living in heaven all along. Now this is something for the true king within us to create, and Merlin will lead us there.

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