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What is a Mystery School?

Traditionally, a mystery school consists of a guide, an initiate and the Divine. However, upon the threshold, only the initiate passes through to meet the Divine because the process is truly a union between the two. This is what mystics have referred to as the Bridal Chamber and the ultimate Sacred Marriage of heaven and earth.

But beyond this, the primary difference between a mystery school and other ways of learning, is that the mystery school guides the student through a series of pathways and experiences that lead to inner revelations and reveals what is hidden. This is very different than being told truth from a teacher where you find yourself digesting their words and their perspective. This is wisdom and consciousness that you discover from within --an unfolding to your own One Self.

When a person decides to commit to the path of learning in this way, what they're really committing to is a relationship with their higher self. And the question to be answered is, "Are you going to trust yourself, and are you going to listen to yourself beyond what anybody else says?" It's the path of the great mystics, magicians and holy men and women who continue to stretch the boundaries of human consciousness.

Why Now?

Humanity is at a crossroads. We simply can not continue on as we have or we will surely self-destruct along with our beautiful earth. The age of separation is past, and revealing what is hidden within us --new consciousness and new understanding, must be revealed.

Like me, there are those of you whose time is NOW to uncover what you know for humanity's transformation.

It is a time of the Great Reversal. The myth that has been told as part of our cosmology for thousands of years, created separation. But now, as the old story falls away, we can free ourselves on every level and in every aspect of our life, from the concept of separateness.

Separate from each other. Separate from Nature.

Separate from our own power and being-ness.

My answer to this time we're in, is to finally share the teachings through a mystery school "design", to which, I've fervently dedicated the past 30 years of my life.

The Grail Path, online course, is a culmination of my work. I've woven together different schools of thought, so you as the student, will discover the one golden thread. Celtic, Judeo-Christian, and Egyptian mystery traditions all woven together in this course that consists of The Tree of Life and The Qabalah --both ancient maps that guide you home.

This course begins on September 20th and includes a weekly lesson, exercise, meditation/pathwork and video along with a mentoring option and private Facebook group. I would love to see all of you reap the benefits of this work! Click Here for more Details.

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